We are she who is called Quan Yin.  As always we bow to your most divine being.  You have an incredible opportunity at this time in order to manifest your intent in this earthly incarnation.  We suggest that between now and April 17, 2015 you use the following tool;  if not on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, to create your dream:

Seat yourself in a comfortable position with feet flat on the floor.  Give yourself the opportunity to think of every annoyance, worry, and anxiety that your mind can possibly associate with.  After you have been through all of your anxieties allow the mind to go blank, to drift, to float.  Think now of the word dream.  What is my dream?  You may have difficulty remembering your dream as you are so caught up in your perceived reality.  Take your time and float into your dream, not as you are, but as you want to be.  Physical body is healed.  Emotional body is expressed and healed.  Mental body is sharp and wise.  As you continue to float deeper and deeper into your prayer, your dream becomes more clear.

Project yourself into the dream away from your perceived reality.  In the root chakra, you drive the dream down into the pelvis and anchor it there next to all of the fears and imagine the dream is expanding into the fears.  This is overcoming your fear and stabilizing the dream in your root chakra.  Continue to breathe the dream bigger and bigger in the root chakra.  And breathe.  The dream brings you health, companionship, a sense of fulfillment, productivity, and prosperity.  The last image in the dream is connection to creator.  Allow this to take place in whatever manner you desire.  Awaken now with eyes wide open and welcome the dream into your life.  We are she who is called Quan Yin, peace love and deeper dreams to each of you.  We bow to your divine essence.