We are the one who is called the Archangel Michael.  This is a time of forgiveness and a grand opportunity to cleanse and clear one’s own being of all that has been projected and blamed upon others throughout all of one’s experiences in the earth plane.  It is your opportunity to allow yourself to eliminate all of the acrid acts created and acid complaints and blaming’s of the past.  Imagine a pond of water and imagine drops of oil falling onto the surface of the pond and these drops of oil are all of the times when one has blamed, shamed or guilted another, either through thought, voice or any other method.  In order to release these aspects of blame, you allow yourself to imagine the person whom you have directed this pain toward.  And then you imagine the oil on the surface of the pond, in other words the blame, to be soaked up by a cloud in the sky.  Then, you imagine all of the oil on the surface of the pond being absorbed by this cloud.  Next you imagine all life in the pond regenerating, recharged and able to breathe as the oil on the surface of the water is eliminated.  As you imagine this taking place a sense of freedom, freshness and even frivolity overcomes you. Do not forget that many of the drops of oil may be the blame, the guilt and the shame you have lauded upon yourself throughout all of your experiences.  Do not forget to release and let this go in your process of forgiveness.  We are the one who is called Michael.  We send you much love and hope for your future.

Channeled on April 22, 2015, 7:00a.m. in Vancouver, BC. By Gregory A. Possman