2015 has seemed like a breeze compared to July and August of 2014 when it felt like I’d registered in a dance marathon with all of my demons. Demons, referring to my own shadow side and lessons my soul arranged to present to me. A Laptop crash put me in a foul mood and I spun out of control from there.  Ensuing daemonic revelations included: my dislike for change, my dislike for the learning curve involved in new technology and my lack of flexibility when I am in denial of my own feelings.  My lack of grounding and preoccupation with fantasy didn’t help.  These revelations were unavailable at the time, however they are painfully obvious now.

In their infinite wisdom, our souls lead us to the ballroom where our demons had previously been confined in the closet.  When we refuse to dance, the lights come up, the band begins, and the closet door opens, revealing our shadow side.  No matter how demure their costumes, eventually our devils impress us with their complicated dance steps.  John Candy, long deceased comedian and actor, starred in a film called “Cool Running” about the beginning of the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team.  The athletes used the following poem to begin their run: “feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on Jamaica it’s bobsled time”.  Without permission, I rewrite the poem; “Feel the agony, feel the rhyme, come on Gregory its wakeup time”.

The value of flexibility was painfully obvious in September, 2014 during our journey to South Central England.  From the beginning, when it became apparent that I would have to drive the twelve passenger bus on the journey, I was in resistance.  In retrospect, managing the trip by myself encouraged my need for cooperation, assistance and a deeper level of inter-dependence.  The participants on the journey were more than happy to assist me in any way they could.  Their cooperation made a difficult journey one thousand times easier.  My  obstacles included a two hour delay in the delivery of our rental vehicle, my two mobile phones that would not work in England and my getting us lost on the M4 motorway, creating another two-hour delay in our journey. Vywamus assured us however, there was a reason for these detours. Looking back on it, I can still see the perfection of all of these events in lessons learned.

I confess to parking our minibus in a handicapped spot at the foot of the Tor in Glastonbury, Somerset.  Although illegally parked, our bus did not cause anyone inconvenience.  Luckily, no parking ticket was issued and we proceeded from our early morning Tor visit to our next destination.  This afforded another lesson.  Having descended the Tor, my good friend and fellow traveler, Nefer Andrup pointed out the wisdom of visiting the Cathedral next, which energetically, made perfect sense, as this would probably be the most difficult energy we would encounter.  Geographically, in my logical mind it made no sense at all.  Having planned to visit the Glastonbury sites in a certain order I had planned on proceeding to Wells Cathedral, in Wells Somerset last.  I knew she was right and still I resisted. My lesson of course was flexibility.  Finally surrendering, and hoping we would have enough time to visit all of our destinations that day, the next block in the road was no available parking near Wells Cathedral.  I dropped all of our participants near the entrance and headed for the Sainsbury grocery parking lot I had seen on the way into town.  Having obtained permission to park in the lot, I walked as quickly as possible back to the Cathedral.  I joined our group inside, who had completed their appointed task of honoring the feminine energy of women long past executed on the cathedrals’ front lawn as witches.  Immediately after, an enthusiastic docent or guide showed us some interesting pictures and diagrams of the cathedrals’ history and restoration.  Outside, where Nefer suggested we perform a soul release, a yellow rescue helicopter was about to land.  Almost on cue at the finish of our ceremony, said helicopter landed in front of the Cathedrals’ entrance.  I gauge the power of my life adventures based on First experiences and this was clearly one of those.  It was very exciting to be that close to the helicopter’s landing.  We then drove to Glastonbury Abbey in Glastonbury, Somerset, where Master Teacher Spirit led us through a past life healing, clearing our “other life” traumas with the church.  Several of us engaged in a tour by a female local volunteer who began addressing us as pilgrims.  She first asked us how we had arrived at the monastery on our “imaginary journey from the past”. Two of our party replied they had arrived on horseback.  She pointed out these would have been the wealthier of our group. The wealthier of our group would have been entertained, wined and dined by the Abbot, while I, being the only male, was designated a monk in training.  She pointed out the grueling schedule I would have kept, in those days, arising at 3 AM, attending chapel six times a day, and being trained to become a scribe, among other things.  Her imaginary character was a female employee at the monastery, who eventually lost her job, when King Henry VIII dismantled all of the abbeys in England.  Though I had visited the Abbey a number of times in the past, this was the most interesting tour and narrative I had ever heard.  We then journeyed to the Chalice Well, a very powerful feminine site, where spring water comes up through the ground, filling several beautiful pools of water, one such pool shaped as the Vessica Pisces.  The adjacent gardens are absolutely beautiful, including some very large Yew trees.  The Druids worship these trees and it is said they used two rows of Yew trees in their ceremonies.  The powerful infusion of feminine energy brought forth by the Spirit of the Wellleft all of us in a very quiet and contemplative state.  Everyone welcomed their free time in the sunshine to lounge in the gardens and talk with one another.  Next everyone engaged in a shopping opportunity exploring the High Street in Glastonbury. I chose to rest in the car park, babysitting our bus, engaged in people-watching and chatting with some of the other drivers.

The next morning we enjoyed a pleasant and uneventful drive to Tintagel, Cornwall.  After an intense climb down the cliffs to the beach, Merlin and several others graced us with a powerful channeling deep inside Merlin’s cave.  This process involved a rebirth and some information about testing ourselves, escaping the cave during high tide, in past lives regarding faith.  On top of the Tintagle Castle ruins, with the help of Jalil, Twelfth Seat of the Council, we reinforced the Council of Shambhala shield that had been placed there several years ago.  The weather could not have been nicer with incredible sunshine and a mild breeze.  The next morning after breakfast we proceeded to Rocky Valley in Tintagel, where two engraved symbols of the labyrinth still exist on one of the old ruin walls.  Having arrived at the ocean, The Archangel Michael came forth with delivery of an inspiring channeling on personal power.  His discussion was emphasized in the background by incredible waves crashing through the rocks.  He referenced these waves in making his point about reestablishing our personal power.  Many of us proceeded to the highest point where we were rewarded with an amazing view of the ocean and the coastline.  We proceeded to one of my favorite spiritual spots on the planet, St. Nectan’s Glen.  Legend claims it to have been where King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table were baptized before leaving on their journey to find the Holy Grail. This beautiful Glen has a waterfall and is located in what looks to me like a solid rock grotto.  Beautiful greenery and gorgeous plants are everywhere.  Again, the weather could not have been nicer.  In this magical spot, the female Spirit of St. Nectan’s Glencame through and she blessed each of us with another infusion of feminine energy. I came away feeling full and balanced.  It felt like renewal and baptism.

Although there were many highlights in our journey, St. Nectan’s Glen and Merlin’s Cave were my favorites.  Feeling blessed is the only way to describe the emotions showering me at these sites.  In all of my travels throughout the globe I consider these to be some of the most powerful locations.