Our country sits at the crossroads of the ultimate battle of good .vs. evil.  We are fighting for what is right and just or the choice of greed and ego. This is what the last election was about. For a long time we have made progress on the path of equality and love for all, and now the forces that are being subplanted have come to fight for their very life. Those who follow and feed on the ideology of Trump are fighting to keep their way of life that they see slipping away. They fight to feel good about them selves and feed their ego. They fight for the need to feel superior to others and to place those who are different in their place below them. It is a last grasp for this dying way of thought that I am better than others just because I was born a person with a certain skin color, sexual orientation or in a physical location. They have not been taught to love all things as they are and instead to blame and shame those who do not conform to their way of thinking.

Their way of life is endangered by the “New Age” ideal that we are all the same, to love others as them selves, to not judge another and to help others possibly at our own expense. They cherish the concept that they can survive with out help of others, that they can stand strong when another can not, that their pain is a sign of strength. These are not the teachings of the divine and those who believe have been too long separated and fooled by the ego to believe that there is a single path to salvation (theirs).They fight an ancient battle of the human ego .vs. the divine decree. That of good / love .vs. evil and hatred. You may choose to be on either side and your contract points you to one over the other. If you can lose the chains of the human ego and walk just a bit closer to the divine then the balance will be tipped to the cause of love, compassion and mercy.

Those who are scared and fearful give power to the ego and walk just off the side of the divine. Those who hold hope and love in their hearts and can see the outcome of the Divine over that of the ego will learn great lessons and change the outcome to one of Love, compassion and mercy. This does not mean the end of suffering for that is part of our path in this earth school rather it means we walk the path with grace, dignity and our heads held high knowing that love, compassion and mercy are noble causes and will move us past our life’s lessons with a grace we have never known before. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.