Lee Ann Mason, Medium reported the following on June 28, 2020. Attended a ghost hunt at the Thomas House Hotel. Many of you helped us do a clearing of this area on June 3, 2020. My good friend and psychic Deb Boyd, who lives close by, drove by the Thomas House and the Pentecostal Church in which Greg posted the results. After having several visions of what the night would bring, including crossing over several travelers, we received confirmation from one of the investigators that several people had mentioned the area seemed much lighter and different. Knowing that the Thomas House is a portal for travelers and the negative energy had been cleared, we will continue to make sure this portal is protected for those souls who need to go through the portal to the light.

Lee Ann Mason, Medium reported the following after the Clearing of the Thomas House and Pentecostal Church across the street. (Reported on June 13, 2020, day of the clearing)

When I started the clearing, I was immediately taken to the Thomas House. There were what looked like real people holding suitcases coming out of the building, and they were lined up all over the land. There was a huge ray of light shining around all of them. They were surrounded in light and slowly started rising up. They were smiling at all of us who helped and participated in their release. They are grateful to all. There were even some who were stuck in the land at Red Boiling Springs.  I then focused on the church and the negativity inside. White light was all around the church and at the end of the channeling where Michael talks about the darkness, the church blew up in shards of white! I felt so light and happy after they left. Thank you to all who helped these trapped souls!

Deb Boyd, Photographer and Psychic reported the following on June 14, 2020 (one day after the clearing): I just have to say WOW, what a difference.  Rode to Red Boiling Springs and up to the Thomas House.   No heaviness at all.   Even the church was clear.   Amazing difference.    Everyone did a wonderful job!

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