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Gregory Ashid Possman was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and raised in the Midwest.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Florida International University, having majored in International Marketing and Management.  Having matriculated through Universal Brotherhood University, Gregory holds both a Master's and PHD in Spirituality. He is a proud husband, father of three children and Grandfather to five Grandchildren. He and his wife Sandie, live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Serving as a psychic trance channel for Sananda, Archangel Michael, Master Teacher Spirit, Quan Yin, Mary, Merlin, Five members of the Council of Shambhala, Archangel Raphael, and others, Gregory performs workshops throughout the world. His goal is to raise the vibration of the planet by empowering others. Gregory is ordained as a nondenominational minister and ordains interfaith, non-denominational ministers throughout the world.  Gregory offers recorded, channeled private sessions by phone. He facilitates metaphysical teachings such as the Manifestation Acceleration Technique, Clearing Energy and numerous other workshops. Each month, a channeled message is available by creating a free account on the website, 

Gregory has served as President and International Vice- President of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.  He has performed ceremonies, including the Soul Release Ceremony, The Ascension Process, Power Point Initiations, clearings, baptisms, memorials and weddings.  As a psychic channel and teacher, Gregory has traveled the world, and has led spiritual journeys to many Sacred Sites on the planet, including: Peru, Mexico, England, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway.  He and Sandie lead regular journeys throughout the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  Gregory enjoys motorcycling, reading, cutting firewood, swimming, snorkeling, cooking and taking care of his grandchildren.  He is also the author of the book “Future Vision” with information primarily from the Council of Shambhala.  He recently updated the book in 2014.  Gregory and Sandie host individuals at their home who wish to engage in intensive spiritual instruction.

Reverend Sandra Possman has been a student of Metaphysical Teachings for over thirty years. She has studied with a number of teachers and is a true example of an open heart radiating unconditional love. She and Gregory perform custom-designed weddings in the areas of Boone, Blowing Rock, and Banner Elk, North Carolina. Reverend Sandra has her Master's degree in Divinity, via Universal Brotherhood University. She also channeles healings from the Council of Shambhala. Sandra Possman lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Boone, North Carolina with her husband, Gregory. She enjoys caring for Gracie and Savannah (their furry feline daughters), reading, and feeding wild birds.