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When a building, whether a business or a residence, regardless of it's function, begins to feel unpleasant, negative or heavy, it's time for a clearing. Clearings may be needed due to an event that has taken place, to clear the energy of a former or current inhabitant, seen or unseen, or simply to re-program the energy for new users or a new purpose. Examples are new homes just purchased or rented, homes just put up for sale, new business startups and businesses moving into new quarters. Cleaning such an area is done intuitively and can result in a more prosperous, lighter and happier environment. There may be  confusion on the part of the user as to what is causing the heaviness. Determining the source and eliminating it is the purpose of many clearings. Removing Low frequency energy, regardless of its origin, can create a more pleasant, lighter and more airy feeling. This then allows for more enjoyment and can often eradicate fears generated by the location. Gregory is willing to work on any size clearing and feels it's part of his path, having worked with a number of different spaces for that purpose. He may opt to bring in a team, based on the size of the space.