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Spirit Family Gathering Two Webinar

Saturday, December 18, 2021. 9am – 12 noon (New York Time)

Channeled by Gregory Possman

Featuring The Ancient of Days, Arch Angel Michael, The Guardians of Stonehenge and ArchAngel Cassandra


We are The Ancient of Days, and we greet each of you. It is time for those upon the planet who have committed to guardianship of the Earth to join forces; publicly and privately proclaiming their commitment, their oath, and their desire to assist the planet in its movement forward. This is not a burden, nor is it a great weight placed upon anyone’s shoulders. It is nothing more than what we will call a self-proclamation that indeed each will be involved and from that perspective. We desire to assist in creating the energy necessary for success in that commitment, and we will begin the process with an introduction to what guardianship means. Once the introduction is complete, each will be given an opportunity to proclaim to self privately ,whether they choose to continue in that direction. So be it.

the Archangel Michael. It is power that is necessary in order to proclaim one’s desire in terms of expanding and growing. It is that desire and that power that allow for a mindset, a certain way of being, a way of thinking that allows for success in every area of life. It is our job to create that mindset. That Mindset already exists in many of you; However, it is our desire to expand it and allow it to grow. That will be our contribution to the process.

We are the Guardians of Stonehenge, an ancient memorial made of blue granite monolith stones that have been set in place for the sake of posterity. It is important to understand that we will come forth and we will speak through the messenger, Ashid, in order to assist in the aspect of determination, persistence and power. Each and every one of you are eternal in your nature and it is that nature of eternity that we desire to instill to move past any doubts, any weakness, any inability to proceed further, therefore, we will work with the entity called Ganesh, the Hindu God of prosperity in order to move and remove those blockages. We look forward to this interchange with each and every one of you, proclaiming your power, your abilities, and the nature of your very being.

We are the one called Cassandra. we are the feminine aspect of the Archangel realm, and we will complete the work that is done. We are looking forward to infusing powerful angelic feminine energy, exposing you to that energy for the purpose of allowing your lives to expand and to grow your opportunities to expand and to grow with the aspect of patience, compassion, tremendous amounts of love and considerable power. That is the energy that we will invoke in each of you, if it is your desire to join us. We are the Archangel Cassandra we look forward to this interaction between our being and yours.

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