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Level 2

  • Lesson 1

Experience your multi-dimensional nature by merging your energy with the members of The Council of Shambhala. Through the infusion of their wisdom you will integrate the higher frequencies of balance, hope, peace and understanding for yourself and the planet. This makes your daily life easier to manage.

  • Lesson 2

With the assistance of the Great White Brotherhood, you will be establishing a maintenance free pyramid in your etheric lining. This pyramid will adjust the energies coming into the Earth plane, allowing you to integrate them more easily. You may also notice a more pronounced presence of your inner Master Teacher, instilling greater confidence.

  • Lesson 3

Through the element of water, Master Teacher Spirit will guide you in finding the perfection of everything. Let go of worry and allow yourself to experience ease, grace and wisdom. Raise your vibration by focusing on feelings of peace, balance, harmony, self-love and self-appreciation. Life’s challenges then roll off you like water.

  • Lesson 4

Presented by Sanada, this exercise powerfully directs you in the rejuvenation and regeneration of your life force energy from within. It feels as if the pulse of the Creator is driving the experience. The result will be more energy to channel into your life and your experiences.

  • Lesson 5

The imbalances and challenges you are currently experiencing will be replaced with your perfect physical, mental and emotional bodies. By utilizing geometric forms in the eighth, twelfth, and eighteenth dimensions you align yourself with the perfect version of everything that exists in this third dimensional reality. Through your connection with the divine oneness of All That Is, a complete healing may be your gift to yourself. Releasing the past is the gift here.

  • Lesson 6

Understanding yourself better through sincere self-examination can be helpful in identifying core issues that cause undesirable life patterns. Discover new ways of questioning and understanding the preferences that you hold. The clues this information offers may assist in clearing blockages, allowing you to create the freedom, abundance and love you desire. A new attitude is yours.

  • Lesson 7

When you focus on what you desire, rather than what is, you can shift your reality and assist others to do the same. In letting go of doubt and experiencing the power of certainty, hope, and optimism, you become more of the aspect of the divine that you truly are. This feeling of power is filled with grace and humility. Sharing it in others in an existing or new manner will be your contribution to clients, friends and family.

  • Lesson 8

When you open to the flow of Universal energy, you open yourself to its perfection. Ganesh will assist you in clearing blockages, while Quan Yin guides you in finding the gifts of joy, perfect health and peace that are yours in every moment. Experience the feelings of hope, strength, optimism and the fulfillment of all your desires with the opening of your heart. This may release previous frustration.

  • Lesson 9

Experience creating form from multiple dimensions where everything is possible. Even material goods can be made to function properly. Utilizing the aspect of “three breathes”, you will clear negativity around your occupation, relationships, and physical health. Through forgiveness, bring yourself to a state of alignment, balance, wellness, ecstasy, bliss and joy.


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