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Mystery School

You've worked hard to achieve mastery in your spiritual and physical life. Although you’ve achieved success in many areas, you know there's more available. Perhaps you yearn for a closer connection to your soul and a closer connection to whatever spiritual power you believe in. The Master’s Mystery School is the tool you've been waiting for. Moving directly into your unconscious mind, these channeled exercises remove the blockages, and catapults you forward. The energy and exercises go directly to the core of your being, delivering the quantum leap on your spiritual journey. You have no time for gloss, glitter and fluff. This is solid information and solid exercises from Sananda, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, Ganesh, the Great White Brotherhood and others, all coming directly from the source to you.

The Masters Mystery School features: a convenient format; MP3 files may be loaded on most electronic devices such as cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, iPods or laptops. Exercises may be listened to while you go to sleep. Your busy schedule is not interrupted. By placing the exercises on your devices, neither your personal, work, nor travel schedule interrupts your spiritual growth. Should your schedule dictate disruption of the process, that does not impede your progress. You simply begin where you stopped whether it's a day, a month or a year later.

No one interferes with, or monitors your progress. Your process is totally independent. You will move on to the next level as soon as you are ready. You wait on no one.

The process is ideal for your lifestyle, whether you travel, work, care for a family, are retired or otherwise. You choose the format in which you will listen, the time of day and whether you want to listen more than once a day. The process not only fits your needs, you design it to blend in with your life and lifestyle. Choices are also available. You may choose to record the exercises in your own voice or use them as they arrived in the original channel’s voice. If you have time and wish to, try both and choose what works best for you. Concerned about your anonymity? Use ear-buds or a headset and your process is completely confidential. No one need know what you are listening to.

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