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Private Intensives

Hebron Falls, Near Boone, NC

Gift yourself with three to five days of individualized, spiritual growth, counseling and channeled information. Gregory and Sandie will lead you to the next level of your spiritual evolution.Your experience may include spritual counseling, ceremonies and channeling in natural vortices leading you to the next level of your spiritual evolution. Food and lodging  are included in our comfortable remodeled mountain home to complete your experience. food is prepared based upon your dietary prederences.





Hebron Falls, Near Boone, NC


Private Spiritual Residential Intensives

  • To help you to make that quantum leap in your spiritual, mental, and emotional evolution. Seize the opportunity to get three to five days focus on your personal issues.
  • It's about time to fully open your heart and allow self-expression to pour forth.
  • It's about time to remember who you are and reconnect with your Creator.
  • It's about time to let go of the self-defeating patterns that no longer serve you and stand between you and your divine purpose.
  • It's about time, quality time, spent in the presence of a master - as well as those in other realms that speak through him and have been waiting for you to show up.
  • It's about gifting yourself the time To get away, relax and release city vibrations, tuning in to the healing vibrations of the mountains. Time to heal, to grow and to integrate. Time to enjoy the peace and tranquility. Time to savor the nurturing you will receive over the 3 to 5 days you spend with Ashid.
  • Isn't this what you've been seeking all these years? Of course.
  • And if you’re feeling it’s time to move forward, give yourself the opportunity.
  • You are feeling ready to move forward into the next step. The quantum leap. Working three to five days alone with a master in a mountain environment, working on spiritual growth and healing, is, without doubt, the next step.
  • Goose bumps? Yes, of course. It's what you have been asking for, isn't it!
  • Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin, Ling, Spirit, The Council of Shambhala, The Council of Grandfathers and Lord Sananda, all of whom come through Ashid, await you. They want to be of service to you.
  • They ask only that you spend time and prepare yourself for their counsel. That's why they sent Ashid into the mountains and told him to await your coming.
  • The time is now for you to do this work. You, and other lightworkers will be needed in this new millennium, to be the ones to give spiritual leadership and to show the way towards love and light.

This is Why...It's About Time.

What actually happens will be divinely guided in the moment and spontaneous. Likely content may include...

  • Ritual and Ceremony in the quiet, isolated mountain forest.
  • Breathwork, for emotional release and integration of change at the cellular level.
  • Extended Intuitive Spiritual Counseling with Ashid.
  • Vibrational Healing. Hands on healing with crystals, Atlantean Crystal bowls for sound healing, music and sacred healing water.
  • Extended Channeled Conversations and Personal Guidance from the Masters all of which are recorded.
  • Experience of Nature. In meditation and contemplation. Hiking in isolated woods, canoeing, tubing, mountain biking and/or skiing.
  • Couples work. Couples who are on a shared spiritual journey may wish to walk this path together.
  • Small Groups. Family and/or friends may share this experience. Couples and groups may choose to spend an additional day.

This work has to be done in the mountains. Both the ArchAngel Michael and St George have said that the energies in cities inhibit the integration of new patterns. It is about time....

This is why...It's Also About Place

Ashid IS Gregory Possman

Psychic Trance Channel

Master Teacher

Spiritual Advisor


Master Healer


To be with Ashid is to be affected, not so much by what he does, but by who he IS. You will be inspired and affected by his very quality of being. You will feel his essence and his love and you will be nourished purely by being in his presence.

Personal investment: $750 per day or $2000 for 3 days.

Gregory & Sandie's Home
Sandie and Gregory open their Blue Ridge mountain home to you as well as their hearts. Home is a four bedroom brick house built in 1947 set in pasture and woods, 9 miles northeast of Boone, NC. It provides great comfort and lots of loving energy for your stay. You may drive to their home or fly into Charlotte or Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States. Options for getting to Gregory and Sandie's home include, Boone Bounce Bus (which will take you to Boone, we will pick you up there) or car rental at the airport.





Food is home cooked and all personal dietary considerations are honored.
We don’t always promise Bar-B-Q

What does the High Country’s surrounding area offer?


The High Country hills resound with the tones of music from Blue Grass through Jazz to Baroque. There are free outdoor concerts every summer weekend on Friday nights in both Boone and Todd. Both locations are minutes from our home. Appalachian State University's Summer Festival stages a stunning variety of outstanding performances in July of each year.

Arts, Crafts and Museums

There are 400 artists living and practicing in the High Country area. Boone is home to 14 art galleries and several museums. The new Turchin Center for the Visual Arts should not be missed. The Wilcox Emporium features handmade crafts in its Mountain Heritage section. The Farmer’s Hardware location in downtown Boone is a collection of high quality crafts and products on display. The Cone Manor gift shop is another place to see and shop for outstanding crafts that include weavings, statuary, wood carvings, ceramics, and metal crafts. Blowing Rock's monthly Art in the Park events provide a venue for local artists and craftspeople as does the craft shop at Moses Cone Mansion. Ashe County's Frescos are famous creations by noted American fresco painter Ben Long. Definitely, worth a visit.

Dramatic Performances

Spectator activities include professional productions at Blowing Rock Stage , the Horne in the West Pageant as well as Lees McRae College Summer Theater and Ashe County Little Theater. Appalachian State University in Boone often offers stage productions by both students and faculty.

The Great Outdoors

Hardier souls who like to walk and hike, are invited to visit the local vortexes, power spots and natural aspects of Blue Ridge beauty. There are hiking trails everywhere including, Moses Cone Manor and Julian Price Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway , New River State Park and Archangel Michael’s favorite, Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area in Ashe County. Glen Burney Trail in Blowing Rock leads to three water falls. Further out, there are Linville Falls and Linville Caverns and of course, Grandfather Mountain. For an experience that is both fun and heartwarming, visit the Watauga County Humane Society Animal Shelter and take a homeless dog for a walk along Boone’s Greenway Trail. Enjoy this walk along the water as your new found friend joins you, temporarily of course! Only two miles from our home are opportunities for Kayaking and inner-tubing on the peaceful New River. There are also chances to go horseback riding, boating at Price Lake, golfing and trout fishing.


For those who enjoy shopping, there are beaucoup boutiques in the quaint Shops At Farmers Hardware downtown in old Boone where you’ll also find many art and craft galleries, antique shops, and unique eateries. The original Mast General Store in Valle Crucis and the Mercantile in Boone are both favorites. Nearby Blowing Rock, made famous by Jan Karon’s Mitford books and at one time known as the Charleston Riviera, is home of much to enjoy including many trendy shops and some fine restaurants. For outlet fans, there are the Shoppes on The Parkway six miles from Boone on highway 321. The shops at Banner Elk and Lees McCrae college are about twenty-five miles away. West Jefferson hosts the Ashe County Cheese Company’s cheese factory and store, North Carolina’s oldest and most famous. The factory resides across the street from the store and when visiting if Cheese is in production, one can walk over and look through glass windows to watch cheese production.

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