• Master surgeon Ling: Light surgery and rejuvenation. Metatron, overseer of the angelic realm: Columns of pain are transformed into columns of light. Gregory guides us through a meditation Mastress Quan yen: the bubble of happiness.
  • Class 1  Basic Introduction to trance mediumship.

    October 20, 2018  9:45am to 11:30am  Recorded

    Catch up before Trance Mediumship: On-Line Class 2 on November 17th

  • Vywamus, inner guardian of the Earth.  Integration of light with the elements, the stars and the sub-terraneans. Ten Bears, a wise one. Retrieving lost parts of the soul on a shamanic journey. Archangel Michael and the Mastress Quan Yin; Empowerment, soul purpose, integration of beauty.
  • Channeled by Psychic Trance Channel: Gregory Ashid Possman
  • The Diamond heart light (Merkabah) is expanded by Sananda and Quan Yin for the manifestation of health, happiness and other desires. Lord Sananda and Quan Yin work together helping us to manifest, invoking unlimited, unconditional Self-Love into the diamond heart. Happiness and joy are grounded into our Diamond Heart
  • Recorded during the new moon phase, Metatron invokes Archangels Rafael, Michael, Gabriel and Cassandra to powerfully connect our souls with our bodies. Four Earth elements are also included to increase the energy level within us.
  • Clearing Spirits (Battle Ground Clearing)   August 2, 2019 Arch Angel Michael Channeled by Gregory Ashid Possman In this 21-minute channeling, Arch Angel Michael leads us through a process of clearing spirits from physical locations.
  • This 13.5 Minute Channeling clears the souls on the planet who have died and not crossed over. The process is efficient, and includes a clearing to insure, upon completion, there is no extraneous energy attached to you. We’ll participate in this process as a group on Sunday, April 19th at 10:30am New York time.
  • Archangel Michael Masculine energy .... This process encourages you to relax and give yourself permission to be comfortable in the mental and physical body. You will open your mind, release worries and preoccupations. Mastress Quan Yin Feminine Energy ... Invoking feminine energy and accepting feminine energy into your being. Both Masters Wish you divine love and harmony
  • Quan Yin begins with a fifty minute process of bathing our self guilt and blame in a waterfall of release. after cleansing ourselves and making our body a temple, we are taught to create temple energy anywhere. Metatron makes a number of practical suggestions to create temples and temple energy including centers, hospitals, residential rooms and outdoor spaces.
  • With direction from the Ancient of Days and the Mastress Quan Yin you begin to access the Stream of Consciousness of the Creator. An  explanation of Gregory’s experiences is provided by Quan Yin as well. Establish your spiritual practice you can use at your discretion.
    • Mastress Quan Yin provides concise initial instructions
    • Ancient of Days takes you through the process.
    • The more often you engage, the deeper you connect.
  • Healing and Manifesting in the Creator Stream of Consciousness

    Channeled by the Ancient of Days, this process allows us to alter the very DNA that may be limiting our creation and advancement manifesting what we want. Venusian energy is introduced to assist in the process. Master Surgeon Ling is also called upon to lend laser light to the procedure. This is clearly a tool that can be used on self and loved ones to accelerate the healing and manifesting of our dreams. The channeling is 37 minutes in length and the process is easily learned and mastered. Gratitude to those who made it available originally.
    • Ancient of Days provides concise, easily followed instructions
    • Ancient of Days suggests several ways to use the tool.
    • The more frequently you practice, the deeper you connect.
  • Remove the Source of your Self Sabotage. Negative bands of energy are removed from your Physical, Mental and Emotionsl Bodies. Releasing  Dark Agreements and Self-imposed Hatred.

    Kilgon, a part of the Ancient of Days, came to me over a year ago and offered to assist those dealing with self imposed curses, dark agreements and seemingly immobile dark energy. The entity helps us release Past Agreements made in other lifetimes during periods of Great stress and having experienced  opressive circumstances. Kilgon introduces the energies of the Angelic Realm, the Venusians, the Pleidians, and the Siriuns to assist in removing Energetic bands of restriction we've voluntarily taken on to ease the darkest conditions from other lifetimes. A total of six bands are removed; three bands removed from the Solar Plexus and three removed from the Heart. This is a powerful transformative process that can be repeated for maximum effect.
    • Kilgon directs you through the process.
    • Angelic realm is called in to assist in the removal of the bands.
    • The more frequently you practice, the deeper the removal although you may choose to use it only once.
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