Cleansing the Earth Webinar Saturday, October 24, 2020 9am -12noon New York Time.

//Cleansing the Earth Webinar Saturday, October 24, 2020 9am -12noon New York Time.

Cleansing the Earth Webinar Saturday, October 24, 2020 9am -12noon New York Time.


The Council of Grandmothers and the Council of Grandfathers. Helping the Earth spiral to a higher frequency. The process will include a clearing of spirits, many of whom passed from the Covid19 Virus. Ten Bears will lead a Shamanic Journey.  In the in-between world we’ll cleanse our shadow side and clear blocks to happiness, prosperity and our spiritual path forward.  Master Teacher Spirit will end the day with a clearing and initiation for our future steps, fulfilling our purpose on the Earth.


We are the one who is called Inaha the leader of the Council of Grandfathers. To begin this cleansing of the Earth. We will ask you to join us in a process of clearing. Clearing those souls who have passed recently and have chosen to remain in the Earth plane for various reasons. We promise you will be protected, and we promise that there will be no soul attaching to yours. We ask your help in this process and we are grateful and give our gratitude and thanks in advance for whatever energy you may lend to this process, for indeed the mother Earth desires this cleansing and clearing. This will be the beginning of our process. In gratitude we are the one called Inaha,, leader of the Council of grandfathers. Aho.

We are the one called Aiella (I-A yaa). We are idea leader of the Council of Grandmothers and to all of the Earth beings. we appreciate your presence and your service. We know it is not easy to walk the Earth path that you have chosen and we to0 are grateful as we move through this process, cleansing of the Earth. We ask that you allow yourself to become a surrogate for all of the others on your planet who remain asleep. We ask that you allow yourself to be used as an instrument for growth for the raising of the frequency of the planet and all of its races regardless of location, skin color or body of beliefs. We ask that you would join us on this day in the process of elevating the potential and the possibilities for Mother Earth to experience a quality of security and a sense of support from all of humanity as this cleansing continues in each and every element. we are grateful. Aho.

Ye ta he.  We are Ten Bears and we to express our gratitude for your presence in your life and your journey in the Earth plane. The Earth mother needs this contribution to her energy. We will take you on a shamanic journey between the worlds into the shadow cave where you can confront your own limitations, your own blockages and even your demons, your shame your guilt and previous aspects of your existence can be cleared quickly, effectively and permanently. We would ask that you give yourself permission to confront your deepest and darkest secrets. We will take this opportunity to prepare you to cleanse you and to honor you in this journey, a sacred journey affording every opportunity for clearing and healing. We invite you to join us as you move through the various levels of consciousness, in order to clear your path for the future.

Greetings we are the one who is called the Master Teacher Spirit, and it will be our opportunity to bring you back into the present once all of these exercises have been completed. We look forward to all that you will teach us. We do not place that as a responsibility on your person, but rather we look forward to exploring the subconscious and the conscious levels of awareness that you bring to this process. In the final transmission of the day we shall do all we can to prepare you for your future, your future path, your future experience, and your future challenges. It Will be our responsibility to initiate you into the next step in your spiritual journey so be it.


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