Kronos & Sonos, A Siriun Transmission

Kronos & Sonos, A Siriun Transmission


Kronos & Sonos, A Siriun Transmission

Siriun Technology, Contributions to Earth, Whales and Dolphins


Kronos & Sonos, A Siriun Transmission

Channeled on June 1, 2018, Gregory  explains:

  • The nature of each of the Siriun he channels.
  • Descriptions of their communication, consciousness, and the sleep “work” done together.

Kronos and Sonos explain:

  • Siriun defense philosophy based on Unified Awareness.
  • Their ecological interest in Earth’s future. Their Strategy to reverse Ecological deterioration.
  • Government Secrecy regarding extra-terrestrial life, Oceanic radioactive waste.
  • Descriptions of the Cetacean race purpose on the Earth.
  • Technological abilities, their physics, and their capabilities.
  • Planetary protection and its purpose.
  • The purpose of the Siriun medical team regarding humanity.
  • Weather anomalies and the “rescuing” of beings.
  • A description of the channeling process.


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