Mystery School Level Three

Mystery School Level Three


Descriptions for Mystery School Teachings: Level Three


Mystery school level three descriptions:

Lesson one: Mastress Quan Yin: “creating in the void”. We are taken into the void from which all creation comes. After accessing pure consciousness, all attachment and all thoughts of projection are released. Creation occurs the body is placed into your balance, homeostasis and pure peace

Lesson two:  Mastress Quan Yin: “after becoming centered by counting backward from 5 to 0, all current expectation is released. All of the “should have’s” from the past are released. Old patterns, old habits, old illusions and old associations are released and replaced by pure self-acceptance. There is a cleansing disconnection from all past generating a sense of purity. A beautiful white cocoon is woven generating forgiveness. Perfect father and mother are generated as they greet you into your perfect life. New possibilities looming in front of you.

Lesson three: Metatron “remembering your angelic roots” after opening the mind to the soul, a pyramid is created inside insisting of body mind and soul. God light expands in your consciousness connecting you to all aspects of the angelic realm including the cherubim seraphim and archangels. Joy, contentment, and a sense of blessing are contained in the fountain of light bubbling up from the innermost depth of the soul. A small boy and a small girl are created inside to help you face the future in different ways guilt is released, shame is released. Self-forgiveness and acceptance of the future create balance and transformation.

Lesson four: Archangel Michael “changing oneself and one’s life”. Love and light are sent to your loved ones, your friends in the earth. Strength, energy and power flow into the soul and body energy of the stones and crystals in the earth poor into the body and sou. L assistance is requested and received from the angelic realm. Self-appreciation and self-love and persistence are increased as the earth elements of fire and water and mineral create more Chi and Prana in the solar plexus.

Lesson five: Archangel Michael “release of pain, inflammation, and darkness. A stone or crystal is infused with powerful energy from the Christ, Buddha, profits, and saints. Mary, Archangel Raphael and Gabriel, the great White Brotherhood in the inner guardian of the earth, Vywamus create a Golden Globe around the body to release pain and discomfort. Master surgeon Ling flows laser light through the body to heal. All shadow energy is removed and responsibility from the shoulders is removed. The hearts capacity to absorb self-love, self-approval and self-esteem are increased. Invitation to the Siriuns and the Peiadians are issued to assist in the removal of self- underestimation.

Lesson six: Sananda introduces five wheels of creation regarding the physical, emotional, Masters, spiritual, and the creator. These wheels are accelerated to increase access to your own spiritual gifts. The wheels are then integrated into the physical body allowing for greater and greater manifestation. Your consciousness and presence keeps them turning as they should.

Lesson seven: Archangel Raphael and the angel Cassandra: left and right hemispheres of the brain are relieved of stress. Stress and anxiety flow out of the body. Knots in the mind are untied allowing for greater and greater messages from the soul to enter the mind. The “need to know” is released. Ease and grace are invited in animal medicine of the Butterfly, Snake, Eagle and Buffalo are introduced into your life. Butterfly releases fear, snake introduces flexibility, Buffalo offers power and strength, and the Eagle introduces clarity. Fear and imbalance are washed away peace and healing are introduced by the angelic realms including Raphael and Gabrielle. Balance in the auric field is restored.

Lesson eight: Master teacher spirit: homeostasis in the bloodstream, lipids, and respiration are restored. The image of a snake constricting a rabbit in the solar plexus is used to release emotional stress in the body optimism replaces fear willingness replaces refusal of responsibility. The ego’s unwillingness to face responsibility is transformed tools are offered to increase the strength necessary to flow forward in life. A pyramid of light is introduced enabling the goddess and God to be invoked into the body. A feminine angel is invoked encouraging soul energy over mind energy. Sacred geometry is used, introducing the double dodecahedron to change present DNA. Fear is released and deserving this is invoked to increase the oneness with self.

Lesson nine: Mastress Quan Yin: encourages the expression of anger and the release of old patterns and energy. Anger, irritation and anxiety are replaced joy and happiness. Soul acceptance of all past challenges and issues is introduced, as the angel Cassandra opens a well of peace, happiness and gentleness. The “council of Grandmothers” rains down warm water reestablishing balance and peace in the body. The need to rescue others is released as all pressure and stress lifts. One’s power staff is held in the right hand to ensure continued peace.


  1. Jytte

    Jytte Mathiesen – October 3, 2018
    Master’s Mystery School is a fantastic journey with lots of amazing tools for you to use in your spiritual Path. I have gone through Level 1 and 2. Great experience for me, helped me to connect in a much deeper way to my own power, my teachers, and my Soul. I`m now in week 5 in Mystery School Level 3 . Can only say, Thank you Gregory.. . .

  2. Lene

    Lene – October 8, 2018
    Hi Friends
    I too have done level 1 and 2 some years ago, and that was amazing. Now I am working my way through level 3 – it is a fantastic journey – difficult really to put words to, but I have this wonderful feeling of really taking a huge step forward on my spiritual path. For that I am ever so grateful and I look forward to continuing the journey through the rest of level 3😊❤️

  3. Frank, Denmark

    Mystery School Level 3

    It has been a marvelous and most interesting journey through the 9 lessons.
    It has lead to more clarity, better self-understanding (“selvforståelse” in Danish, not sure of the best English translation), tremendous healing and a more peaceful existance in general.
    Highly recommended!

  4. Sharon


    I never got to tell you how much I have enjoyed the 3 levels of the mystery school recordings that I won at your workshop at Alien Con. It was early November when I started listening to Level I and it was the middle of December when my life changed drastically and everything fell into place. Level II and III were also life changing and I feel so blessed to have won them since there are no coincidences.

    Also, when I read almost all of your channelings on your website, I found your Acid Test information. It made me laugh out loud and could hardly believe what I was reading. You could have been talking about me and my life! So, I guess I passed the test. My heart is full of gratitude and can’t thank you enough for all you do.
    Love, Light, and Blessings beyond measure,

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