Trance Mediumship: download Class 2

Trance Mediumship: download Class 2


Channeled by Psychic Trance Channel: Gregory Ashid Possman



Trance Mediumship, Class two,  November 17, 2018  


In this session, Gregory will address;

  • why is spiritual communication important and how it can help us in our lives?
  • How can our guides help us in the process and in our development and lives in general?
  • Overcoming blocks, you may run into in your development? (doubt, ego etc.)
  • Can everybody do trance?
  • How can you be sure that you are “not just making it up”?
  • is it safe? Can it be harmful to our bodies?

In this session Master Teacher Spirit (channeled by Gregory) will address:

  • Two practice exercises for practitioners will take place. There is no need for any  previous spiritual understanding or experience to participate.
  • How to engage when you have no teachers available…
  • A deeper connection to the master teacher inside each of you.
  • How does spiritual communication work and how does it feel when you connect?
  • Third Session; TBD what to expect?
  • Who are we talking to when we connect?
  • do we need to protect ourselves before connecting?


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