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Ribe, Denmark, Channeled workshop, Saturday, March 17, 2018 Channeled by Gregory Ashid Possman

Channeled workshop, Ribe, Denmark

Saturday, March 17, 2018  10:00 to 17:00

Channeled by Gregory Ashid Possman

We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambala. We are the 12th seat of the Council of Shambala, the one called Jalil, holder of the vision of the future. Many of you come from the future and have returned to the planet to ensure its continuation, its evolution and its evolving into what you know it can be. You sit on the pinnacle of the mountain so to speak. You sit at the point where the snowball that you have been pushing uphill can be pushed to the other side and begin its descent. Considering everything that your planet displays and illustrates it appears the earth will not become what you want it to be. We come to establish your faith, to allow yourself to go deep inside and to help you manifest everything that you came for. Everything that you know this planet can become and its people can become will take place. Move into this Époque, move into this decade from now until 2028. Give yourself permission to allow yourselves to blossom to burgeon and to grow. This will be our work in this gathering. We the Council of Shambala, all 12 of us, will be uniting with each one of you in the process of continuing your preparation for the most important and powerful set of initiations, allowing you to bring Heaven to Earth, to bring all that you know this planet can be; into the Earth, into reality, into this space and time. Join us as we work together in this process.

We are Sananda, oversoul of the Christ energy. We invite you to join with us here on the earth plane in your lives to anchor and to manifest your most tolerant, loving, peaceful and calm nature. To anchor Love within your being. To place it in the cells of your physical body, so you may spread it and anchor it in this reality, the Earth, here and now, not only for your children, your grand-children and great-grandchildren, but for all generations to come. This love will benefit all of those who will enjoy this energy and learn from it in the future. We ask you to join us now and to create every dream, every possibility, every vision that you have ever had of love and compassion on the Earth. 

We are Sonos, medical team leader of the Siriun race. We ask you to join us; Sonos, Kronos and Askos medical team leader, spiritual leader, and technical leaders of the Siriuns. We wish to more closely align with you and all of your desires. We include not only your global desires for the planet but your personal desires in order that you may continue. You continue to design for yourself. We wish to create health. Prosperity and abundance of love and all things in your life so that you may contribute long into the future. This is the vision that we all share for the earth plane. This is our desire.           

We are Mary, we come forth with great love, caring, and compassion for each of you. We ask you to join us to distribute healing to each of you. We ask you to come forth, and to join in the physical, in a healing space created precisely for your own healing. We ask this in the name of the most divine creator.

We, Metatron, overseer, supervisor of the angelic realm, ask you to gather so that we may initiate you into greater and greater contact with the angelic realm. We desire to assist humanity and all races now, in the past and future to help you create all that you have desired. Together we create a future for the planet Earth that will allow humanity, the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom to come into a place of cooperation, cohabitation and synchronicity. Join us as we flow this energy into your physical, mental and emotional being.

Gregory: Askara, the Venusian will also join us.

Saturday, March 17, 2018 -
10:00 to 17:00

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