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SouthWest England Spiritual Tour

September 25 - 29, 2014


Southwestern England contains some of the highest vibrational frequency spots on the planet.  Having visited these spots numerous times, I miss them.  Therefore, from Thursday through Monday, September 25 through September 29, we will visit these locations together. Highlights of our trip will be: Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey, St. Nectin’s Glen, and the ruins of the Castle of Tintagel, Merlin’s Cave, the labyrinth wall and a possible visit to one of the stone circles.  This trip will not be an earthwork trip.  Although I will be channeling in almost every site, I want to return to these places, and bath in their incredible energy.  It may seem selfish; however, I want to do this trip as much for myself as I do for those who attend.  We will be traveling in a minibus driven by a native of Great Britain.  We will be staying in a bed and breakfast in Glastonbury for two nights and a hotel in Tintagel for two nights.  We can only pray for Indian summer in September and I’m hoping for great weather.  This will be a small intimate group and a wonderful opportunity to connect with these highly spiritual sites.  Join us, Gregory




Cost of this journey is $1016 US or £510 or 5.700

Single Supplement is $200 US or £120 or 1.100

In Denmark contact Hanne Lise     In England contact Hannah Ling     All others contact Sandie Possman

2015 Council of Shambhala Gathering in Thailand PDF Print E-mail

January 9th - 20th, 2015

Council of Shambhala Gathering in Thailand

IMG_1670_1Requested by the Council of Shambhala, this gathering and journey is the third in a series.  The first gathering took place in bore be aired Denmark, the second in North Carolina, and this journey will take place in Thailand.  We will be gathering in Ayutthaya, Thailand, the previous capital of Thailand, working together for one weekend before we begin to travel throughout the country.  With channelings from Jalil, Meera, Chadra and Narush, we will raise our own consciousness and the collective consciousness of human beings on the planet.  This 12 day gathering and journey will be completely directed by the Council of Shambhala.  Our tour operator has arranged all transportation, all lodging, and site visitations, including several temples, hotel facilities, a treehouse stay in the forest, an overnight train trip, including sleeping cars, a visitation to a Thai orphanage, intermingling with Buddhist monks, an elephant encounter and opportunities to interact with local people.  We will be picked up at the airport in Bangkok and transported to Ayutthaya where we will have two nights to do our work with the Council.  We will then leave for the beautiful area of Thailand called Chiang Mai.  The people of Thailand are very humble, made up primarily of Buddhists and Hindus.  They are very warm people and quite respectful of tourists.  We have chosen the coolest month, January, to visit.  We will end our journey with a two day stay at a beach resort to encourage relaxation before the journey home.  We can accommodate from 20 to 35 people on this journey.  There is intense interest in this journey and we encourage you to reserve your space as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Please contact Sandie to reserve your space.

Cost of the land portion of this adventure is TBD

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Channeled and Intuitive Readings with Reverend Dr. Gregory Possman
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Channeled and intuitive Sessions are done by telephone, Skype or in person. Typically one hour in length, sessions are recorded and may include: Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, the Ancient of Days, Sananda, The Council of Shambhala or Merlin (for more information about these entities please click here).