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Live Channeled Webinar: Manifesting with Light; The Siriuns and Pleidians


Live Channeled Webinar: Manifesting with Light; The Siriuns and Pleidians
A transmission from the Siriuns,

Askos, Kronos and Sonos: Webinar: May 27, 2016. 10:am via Gregory Ashid Possman.

I am the one called Askos, a technical engineer for we, the Siriuns. Along with Kronos our Spiritual Commander and Sonos our Medical Team Leader i invite you to join our collective consciousness and allow us the honor of assisting you with the manifestation of your existence on the basic and all other levels. We are capable of employing the help of our Pleidian cousins and together we can change the nature of your life based on your desires. We can share with you that our form of creation is very different than your own. It would take years to explain it and it would make no sense you if we did. Therefore we ask you only to trust that we will keep your best interest at heart and the interests of all you encounter in the highest light. We will enter the body of the Messenger, Ashid, (Gregory) and we will work with each of you to shorten the period of time necessary to begin and continue the process of assistance. We will make a few minor adjustments in your energy field which have already been made on the man. Again, We promise not to harm you in any way and there will be no damage or negative side effects. As we have been working with a number of your race, based on the process taught in workshops previously, the time necessary to transfer this energy to each of you is radically faster and easier than previously.

Price: $44.00

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