What if we exist in one tiny universe?  That being the universe we see with our five senses.  And what if that universe is only a tiny part of the multi-verse?  What if there are multiple layers of universes in which a part of our consciousness exists?  What if we have access to all of those universes, in moments of awareness, moments of enlightenment?  What if we are allowed to travel into those Omni-verses, or multi-verses?  What if on occasion in the process of merging with the light beings through the use of a trance channel, meditation, prayer, chanting or some other process, we are able to slide into the reality, the experience of those Omni-verses?  Indulge me here. My workshops have been evolving for 19 years.  I have been evolving for perhaps 19,000 years.  I do not know how long I have been evolving.  On this Earth, in this life, I have no clue how long I have been evolving.  It is only through the use of my imagination, my dreams, my visions, and my experiences that I can guess how long I have been evolving.  Are these the ruminations, the imaginations of a madman?  Perhaps, or are they the possibilities that the light beings on the other side want me to accept?  Are these possibilities also, the blockage that I cannot accept, which keep me locked in this one tiny universe?  Is this the veil that I refuse to allow my own awareness to pierce?  Is this what keeps me from emerging in my own spiritual evolution?  Indulge me here. In the next series of workshops, based upon the experience I have just had in the Chiron Brotherhood, the Men’s group I have been participating in for the last 18 years, we will begin to share as a group, after each channeling.  This will allow each person, an opportunity, to share their experience and give them the opportunity to increase their confidence, based upon listening to the similarities they have experienced alongside their fellow participants.  This will also allow each participant to see himself as if they belong, as if they are a part of an experience of the Omni-verse, of the multi-verse, and be able to return to this experience here in the third dimension, without questioning their own sanity.  More important, perhaps they will retain a piece of that knowledge they can use here to heighten that awareness and even share with others.click here to see workshops. Indulge me here.  What if we exist in one tiny universe?  What if there is so much more than what we experience with our five senses?  What if the sixth sense we experience, sometimes called our extrasensory perception, is actually real?  What if we are able to access that multiple universe experience?  What if we are able to move into that experience in something other than our dreams and our meditation?  What if we are able to experience some proof of that process beyond our imagination and bring back from that experience direction, insight, and a vision of what we are to create here in this life, during the process of living, evolving, and becoming? We are about to find out, I am about to find out, as the next set of workshop experiences take place in March of 2012..  Indulge me here.