The Following transmission was delivered to Karin Titussen on January 26,2015 regarding the results of the Thailand Council of Shambhala gathering which terminated on January 21, 2015.

We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala. We are the Twelfth seat of the Council known as Jalil. We would like to inform you first  of all that we bring you greetings and salutations from the Council and that we have purposely kept our emissary,  the one called Ashid from knowing everything that was being done and so although he believes he should know more,  there is absolutely a sense of what we would call shrouding. Shrouding is the aspect of keeping information from another so that they may continue on in the next step and not become confused. In other words skipping ahead from one step to another. Frequently there were those on this journey (to Thailand) who asked him what was taking place and more than once his answer was I do not know.  I don’t know what is happening here and that was extremely effective.  Human beings are very curious creatures as you are aware, and they want to know everything that is taking place but if they did, then they would be skipping ahead and they could not accomplish the work on the step-by-step basis. What has been done in and around your planet has been done on a step-by-step basis,  in other words, a great deal of work was done (in the past) to shroud the planet in darkness and it can only be undone in what one might call a certain process.  Therefore we sometimes must keep the information to ourselves until the next step can be achieved. Then one can move forward as a whole and as a group in what you would call a cooperative effort.  It cannot be done unless it is done in this way and the extensive nature of the work, the magnitude of it is lost on many of you. You do not understand how important it is and you do not understand how it must be done. That is our job and we have utilized all of you in the process and the work is progressing beautifully. It is to understand that you are extremely close, to again having removed every particle of dark energy. There is little left to be done. In asking why Thailand?  It is because so much dark energy was spent in the process of killing and invading others there,  In that process human life was not respected and a great deal of torment and torture took place. This of course is finished and as those who are Buddhist will tell you, they absolutely focus upon the positive and do not focus upon the negative. The aspect of Buddhism has to do with respect for life and respect for one another no matter whether one is a fly, the smallest type of insect, or a human being, it does not matter what type of life it is. This aspect of respect was taught in order to navigate all of the negative. In order to negate all of the sadness that life brings with it including: this invasion, this torture, this thievery and the aspect of overcoming another.  It is important to understand that that way of life has prevailed for over 800 years and it is extremely important to all of those who are monks.

All of those who live in that area do not wish to be invaded again. Even when there is a military coup, even when there are demonstrations of a political nature, the respect for life is utmost and foremost in the minds of those who are demonstrating. They do not want to kill, they do not want to injure, and they do not want to maim another. They do so with respect, in terms of their demonstrations, which are usually peaceful. It is important to understand they even treat their elephants, the creatures that are extremely powerful, with tremendous love and respect. It is obvious in the way each of the individuals in that area behave, that it is only when they are invaded by factors from other lands or other religions and other philosophies that any of this is ever interfered or tampered with. Therefore it is absolutely logical that having begun in that area (Thailand) this respect for life, this absolute revering of the lives of others, becomes what you would call the core the center for your work; to begin to flood the planet with respect for life and the love for one another. As you have heard countless times, the shift and change in consciousness that we have spoken of will absolutely be a part of this new consciousness, this respect for life and the love for self that one finds or feels within another. This is Buddhist tradition and as we have stated it is absolutely established. To reverse the effect of invasion and overcoming with power the rights of others. This respect is at the core of the new consciousness that will overtake the planet and it is our belief that it will absolutely overcome what you would call the empirical invasion of other countries. You will not invade other countries when you are respecting the rights, the beliefs and the religions of other people.  Buddhism took over on the planet because it did not seek to replace the beliefs of others, rather it was meant to be a religion or belief system or tradition or philosophy that would actually reside and live alongside other philosophies. That is exactly how the shift in your planet’s consciousness will take place. It will be with respect it will be a lifestyle. It will be a life form if you will. It will almost seem as if it is a new religion, but it is not new. It is centuries old and the, Buddha or Siddhartha as he was called will in fact be a huge part of this new consciousness, a consciousness which will not come from the Earth plane but rather will be spread by the Syrians and the Arcturians.  Contrary to the beliefs of many on your planet, the extraterrestrials will assist greatly in the process of creating respect and tolerance that will absolutely move against destruction and instead will honor creation. These are the words that will inspire others on your planet to shift and change their behaviors and the temples that are created on your planet, regardless of their origin, regardless of the religion or philosophy upon which they were built, will become temples of peace, places of respect and places where those of many different religions and philosophies and races and cultures will gather together allowing themselves to commune and to communicate. They will allow themselves to worship, not God’s so to speak, but the God self within them and thereby allow communication and cooperation to become the order of the day. This is important. These invasions that have occurred in Asia and in various parts of the world, not only by the Asians, not only by Genghis Khan and others, not only by the Chinese and the Mandarins but also by the Burmese and the Persians and those who would rule against one another, these particular invasions have started what you would call a movement toward darkness. The invasion of light which is an invasion of cooperation has already begun by the Siriuns and others who have adopted these particular philosophies and beliefs and have been extremely beneficial in rooting out the darkness on the earth. As we have already explained to you, this removal of darkness has allowed for the establishment of the light grid that all of you are creating (the symbol of the Sat Nam will become a universal symbol of light. The symbol of the Sat Nam will create the philosophy on your Earth of truth and knowledge as it is generated from inside each and every one of you. This process will create what is absolutely necessary for peace and brotherhood and sisterhood on your planet and throughout the universe. It is important to understand that the darkness generated by the skulls of those who died in these invasions, by the crystal skulls that were placed, not the skulls of light but the skulls of darkness which have been removed from the planet, are all aspects of the reminders of the cruelty the torture and the torment that was generated throughout your planet. It is important to understand that this will be known as the new wave on your planet. This will be known as the new philosophy that is billions of years old. This will be known as the divine blueprint and this will be known as the love that generates a complete and total shift of reality on your planet. This is the information that you have waited for and in every place, whether it be throughout Europe or Asia, any other part of your planet or any other dimension, this aspect of invasion will be considered unspeakable. It will be considered completely unlawful and disrespectful and once this philosophy has been adapted and accepted by all people on your Earth, then the steps that are necessary to shift and change the philosophy of the future will in fact be completed. This is a powerful and necessary step in the shift and change that all of humanity will experience.

We are the Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala named Jalil and we bring you Greetings and Salutations.