All indications are that we are in for a very interesting six months from August of 2017 through January of 2018.
Many of the recent channeling’s indicate Mother Father Earth is about to release some rage! This cleansing may result in natural enigmas such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornado’s and hurricanes. In January of 2017 the prediction said the first six months would be relatively calm and afterward, expect some challenges. The time has come and now we hold onto our hats. What to expect? flight delays, travel issues, damage to property, loss of life and delay of game (human plans gone awry). For we controllers and planners (like myself) we hate anything that interrupts our lives. Get ready because the interuptions are on their way….
What to do you ask?
Expect the best and prepare for the worst. Keep your optimistic attitude intact. See all of it as a lesson in patience, perspective and positive outlook. Remember not to take life and\or yourself too seriously. It may not seem like the grand illusion but it is. Finally, remind yourself, “everyone creates their own reality and no matter how emotionally close you are to them, it’s their responsibility, not yours. Yes you’re here to make a difference and you do, however you’re not responsible for the whole show. Even when it’s all perfect, it may take a while for the perfection to be revealed, just a reminder.
Many of you are highly sensitive. As best you can, when large numbers of people leave the planet ie. die due to accident, injury or disease,  release the grief you feel as quickly as possible. As one friend reminds me, Show up, Suit up and do your best, while God does the rest! We’ll get through this together; so don’t isolate and don’t hide in your clam shell thinking it will all get better. (I’m talking to myself here). Express yourself and express your emotions. We’ll make it through the next six months if we stick together and help one another. Stay focused and when plan A implodes, since plan A didn’t work, release your hold on plan A and dive into developing  plan B. When I get stuck in my postition, thinking it’s my way or the highway, I’m always rudely awakened. They say “Man plans and God laughs.” When God is laughing at our plans, she’s actually teaching us flexibility. Stay flexible (talking to myself again). Plan B might not work either. It may be plan C that’s the winner.

charge forward like a rhinoceros and stay loose as a goose! In the future, when I forget my own advice, remind me to read this blog!

Having read this article, there are some tools you can download to help you cope. I suggest the following:

The Vywamus Protection Grid, a powerful tool to protect your Auric field, Energy Body and Physical body.

Four Steps to Manifestation With Mother Mary

Gregory in England October 24-28 (Expressing Emotions)

See you down the road!