Jalil; Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala;

Channeled by Gregory Ashid Possman;

November 5th, 2018. 4:30am.

We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala. We are the Twelfth seat of the Council known as Jalil. We shall begin at the beginning. Initially was created, in its infinite wisdom, what the creator called the divine blueprint. The divine blueprint was a master plan, is a Master Plan for all of creation to come together in the height of unconditional love. In order for this process to proceed. Individuals could volunteer, could decide they wished to be an incremental and influential part of this process. In order to do so, these entities would surrender themselves to a greater purpose, a purpose that would serve the many, not just the self. In order for this process to occur , these entities would be empowered to travel throughout time, they would be given the opportunity to volunteer, to manifest, to be made physical, in various places at various times for various purposes. These particular voluntary situations, existences or lifetimes would carry with them a set of challenges or difficulties. These challenges or difficulties would eventually be understood as lessons and these lessons having been obtained, procured or completed, would ultimately become part of the of the Akashic Record, having been completely and totally inscribed in the Akashic Record, by the scribe of the Record. These lessons would go far toward the development of these volunteers or emissaries (as we have come to call them). Emissaries on the planet Earth can be a part of the Council of Shambala. They may come in numerous shapes, forms, species or races. However, they are bound to one another by their common objective, and that is the peaceful co-habitation of all species, of all races regardless of origin. Regardless of their origin of time-frame or any other aspect, these entities often times are what are called extra-terrestrial/human hybrids and these extra-terrestrial/human hybrids may be present on the planet Earth. They may be present in other star systems, other soul solar systems and other soul systems. They are not limited to the Earth plane, nor are they limited to the surface of the Earth, many of them are existing in support roles as subterranean beneath the Earth and so they are also operating in the Earth’s oceans, and they are operating in some of the atmospheres above and around the Earth. They may come in numerous forms. Some may look more human than others, and yet it is to understand there is a common denominator and that is a strict adherence to the code of doing no harm and minimal intervention. As long as the safety of all is at stake. This breeds into human extra-terrestrial hybrids an incredible amount of compassion, it creates a kind of sensitivity. It creates again a strict adherence to particular codes that may not be easily understood, but are common in their objective, that being the higher good of all beings. There is a series of characteristics that can attest to the origin of one’s being a participant, a member of this group and the messenger through whom we speak (Gregory) has come to call it the Acid Test. From our perspective, the acid test consists of the following characteristics:

  1. an intense loneliness that often arises within the interior of an emissary or extra-terrestrial/human hybrid.
  2. A sensation of intense purpose often accompanied by complete confusion as to how to integrate that purpose. (the purpose is to raise the frequency of both Earth and its inhabitants).
  3. A desire to reacquaint or Identify oneself with home (Earth is not one’s home).
  4. An intense desire to return home, sometimes interfering with one’s ability to perform one’s mission, task or objective.
  5. On occasion, sensations of disorientation, or lack of grounding.
  6. Finally, a sensation of uniqueness, a distinction or feeling of not belonging to one’s family of origin.


These characteristics can lead to some interesting behaviors amongst these beings. For instance, there can be difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships with other human beings. Although there may be extreme compassion, there may be difficulty. adhering to social mores, habits and norms amongst other human beings. These difficulties may be overcome over time. They often require an intense sense of focus, concentration and practice. In other words, as one grows older and matures, one is able to more easily conform to these norms of common courtesy and social behavior. In the meantime, it can be difficult to “fit in”. The emissaries and extra-terrestrial/human hybrids often experience increased health, strength and ability. In some areas their mental acuity can be profound. Their gifts, spiritual in nature can also be profound. This may prove awkward, embarrassing or even frightening.

Some have been identified as geniuses who again can have difficulty experiencing congruency in terms of social mores and moral behavior. Another characteristic that may be common is an ease of rationalizing their distinct and individual behavior. This can help or hinder their particular purpose\mission in this existence. It is important for all who are reading this to understand that you are most likely from the future. You may not feel as though you fit into this time frame. You may feel as though your purpose here in this life is almost impossible to obtain. This is neither abnormal nor unrealistic. In fact, you are here to accomplish a purpose that may be impossible to accomplish in your lifetime. And it is your destiny to do as much as you can to prepare the way for those who will come after you, in order to set the stage for the most powerful outcome the Earth can experience. As stated earlier, the goal is the absolute implementation of the divine blueprint. In other words, the peaceful cohabitation of all species throughout the universes, the galaxies and ultimately the cosmos or the Omni verse. This will have been achieved when all beings in existence can in fact recognize that to harm another would be to harm self. When this realization, when this awareness and this consciousness reaches 432Hz in vibrational frequency throughout all of creation, unconditional love, harmony and balance will absolutely reign supreme. As this process continues, polarity in terms of light and dark, in terms of low-frequency and high-frequency, war, and famine, will end and the equitable distribution of resources throughout the Earth will begin. When the consciousness of humanity reaches the appropriate level, the quantum leap of consciousness, will occur in this process and will gain speed so rapidly it will be impossible to track.

Faith is the common denominator that will continue to motivate the emissaries, the hybrids and all of those including the angelic beings who have been assigned, who have volunteered their services, to this effort. Trust, and allow your faith to grow even stronger; in light of the darkness you may see around you or feel around you. Give yourself permission to trust all that you know deep within you. Trust what you feel, trust what your soul reveals to you, and ever be wary of what you think. We are the Twelfth seat of the Council of Shambala known as Jalil. We bring you greetings and salutations from all of the seats of the Council of Shambala. So be it.