Giving your Power away?
What is it Costing You?

Written by Gregory Ashid Possman May 31, 2019.

Recently, I was “attacked via e-mail” by a gentleman who objected to something I said. Obviously, his  religious beliefs contradicted my spiritual beliefs. Rather than seeing it as a lesson, I let it go to my head and it created fear within me. A serious allergic reaction took place in my physical body until I began to realize the source of the physical reaction. Each time I focused on taking my power back, believing in who I am and what I do, while seeing the entire process as another lesson, the results became less dramatic. Perhaps many of us do this on a daily basis with someone in our life who had or has artificial power over us. If it occurred in the past perhaps it exists in our mind even if the person has passed over. What is the potential solution? I.e. what do we do?

The first step is to become aware of what is happening. If the truth were in our subconscious, we must bring it to the surface and deal. Perhaps, talking with others about our experience is the best way to expose the elusive truth. I had to seek several people’s feedback and their suggestions. The next step is expressing the emotions the event creates within us. Primal screaming as I drove my car was my technique. There are many ways to safely express the emotions.

The urge to defend myself against him was enormous. I decided to only allow my warrior archetype to activate while I was alone. Reacting to him any other way,  would have been completely counterproductive. I knew that remaining neutral was the only appropriate path. Throwing gasoline on the fire would have only escalated it. It would also have prolonged the time it took for me to resolve the issue within myself. If life is short, (even though I believe our souls are eternal) why spend additional time in this life fighting and suffering while the lesson continues to elude us.

Although I believed the gentleman in question was intolerant of my beliefs, I realized I was the one who had an issue. Ultimately I realized I was being intolerant of his beliefs. The fear generated by his threats was all in my head. The upset I experienced was my issue rather than his. I created him in order to alter my tolerance and judgment of he and those who share his beliefs.

The third step is forgiving myself for my reaction, and forgiving him, although he only did what he was programmed to do in order to deliver my lesson. Eagle medicine teaches us to look down from above and see the bigger picture. Seeing the perfection and invoking the forgiveness can be the  most difficult and avoided process, however it is the only way we can absorb the lesson fully. My ultimate goal is to learn the lesson in my heart instead of my head. The acid test will either be when I encounter a similar situation and have no reaction to it or I don’t create it again which will prove the lesson was learned. I am reminded of the story of the yogi who was consistently accused of actions he had not actually committed. His only response was “hmmmmmmmm”. His reaction to the accusations he knew were false was no more than “hmmmmmmmm”. The final observation is that while this was going on, the universe was not sending me many clients. After writing about the incident (lesson) and moving through the forgiveness my workload returned to normal. Seems our higher self may know when we need to heal.