To perform a ceremony releasing souls bound to earth by creating a gateway into the Light.




One blockage to the earth’s ascension, or entry into the 5th Dimension and beyond, is the reluctance of discarnate souls (disembodied spirits) to move into the Light.  It is our choice as Lightworkers not only to assist those in the physical realm, but those who are no longer embodied.


Not every spirit feels confident about embracing the Light at the time of death.  Some need to communicate a message to one amongst the living.  Some stay and comfort loved ones.  Some are simply afraid of what they would find if they were to cross over. Some actually find it impossible to accept they have died or made their transition.  Some believe their transition will be difficult or they have guilt regarding what they have done in the earthly plane.  They may feel they would not be accepted on the other side.  They often lack the faith and power to reach for, or in some cases, even realize the Light energy that pulls us toward God.  We must remember that we will not receive 100% of those who come to the ceremony.  All Souls have a choice as they did when embodied on earth.  Some will go with the mass; others will go singly.  Some will want to go at night.  The majority of souls will feel our love, dedication, trust and service to them.  Let them know we love them and are doing the ceremony for souls in the spirit world who could be family members, friends, angels and other spirit beings.  Through testimony of seeing them go through the tunnel of Light and into heaven, we give support and confidence to those who are standing by.


A ceremony for releasing souls into the Light may be performed by as few as two and as many as desire to attend.  The ceremony requires energy and the more attending the better.  There is never to be a monetary fee charged.  Donations to defray travel expenses are appropriate if offered.  The spiritual blessings and satisfaction gained are adequate compensation.  Performing the ceremony for monetary gain taints the purpose and is absolutely unacceptable.


Those guided to lead these ceremonies are greatly needed.  Numerous souls entering the Light will raise the planet’s vibration.  The more ceremonies performed, the more beings arisen. The more souls arising, the faster the rate of raising the planet’s vibrational frequency. Many across the planet are creating “karmic” balance by facilitating this process.


Know that beings from a specific time period, i.e. persecuted Native Americans and Civil War soldiers, beings from a specific geographical area as in those who died in the same location, and those beings whom are connected to the people attending the ceremony may pass into the light.  Some have even reported seeing extraterrestrial’s presence, animals and extinct life forms passing into the gateway.


Ego, judgment, fear and expectations have no place in this work.  Entities of every time period, race, species, sex, age and appearance are encouraged to enter.  On occasion, although souls will be curious and their presence will be felt, they will be unwilling to enter the gateway.  Remember, all is perfect; there is no failure.  Trust that the results are exactly as they were meant to be.  Souls not embodied make choices just as we embodied beings do.  You are not responsible for their choices just as they are not responsible for yours.  You create the opportunity; they choose whether to act on it.




The following describes the nature of the “death” experience from the perspective of living beings who have had “near death” experiences:


Initially the tunnel is dark containing a great feeling of tranquility.  At the end of the tunnel is incredible Light and loving, friendly beings of intense shimmering Light.  This is followed by a panoramic view of one’s life upon earth very much like a film one would view from a third person perspective.  During the “review”, one would be witnessing the affects one had on other people.  If one saw oneself doing a loving action to someone that one were involved with during one’s life, then in some way one would feel the direct good feeling that was brought about in the life of that person.  On the other hand, if one were doing something unloving to someone, then when that action results one would feel the anguish and sadness that was brought about in the other person’s life.  When one’s life is reviewed on the other side, rather self do not judge it by others, but.  Once the review is complete, the soul decides to enter a period of rest, learning, teaching or another life (not limited to the human experience.).  One’s soul and council of advisors, typically consisting of 12 – 19 light beings, determine the next step in one’s path of evolution toward merging with God.


If you would like to read about those who have had near-death experiences, Dr. Raymond Moody, Jr. has written many best selling books that offer astonishing proof of life after physical death.   After you read these books and receive testimony from others, we know you will realize the importance of this work.  We thank you for your love, your willingness to serve, and we know you will be blessed in many ways.




v  Life After Life

  • Reflection on Life After Life

Coming Back

  • Reunions


For a complete listing of Dr. Moody’s books, videos, CDs and other information, you may search www.amazon.com or other websites.





Do not forget to honor your intuition, as this process may be altered in many ways.  If you’re being guided to add, delete or change something, honor yourself, your guides, and your teachers.  This is not meant to be an ego trip. Although there will be a leader all people who are present are meant to participate and have equal ability to be part of the process.  Know that anyone drawn to the ceremony probably has a previous or present life connection to one of the souls who has not passed into the Light.  Honor that truth, and honor them.  May your ceremony be a blessing to all.



  • Sage or Sweetgrass.
  • Drums, rattles, bells or any other instrument which feels appropriate.
  • Chewing tobacco.
  • Four feathers, four crystals, stones, etc.
  • Any other items your intuition leads you to include.
  • Native American prayers or songs (those provided are possibilities, or you may search the internet for others)
  • Sat Nam, Vessica Pisces and Universal Welcome Symbol


Participants in the ceremony will provide the above items.  The leader will have enough copies of the Light Ceremony Questionnaire (Appendix A) for all participants.




The leader places all of the ceremonial items in a circle and blesses them.  He/she may use his/her  hands  and close the eyes while blessing the items. 


The women participating may build a small medicine wheel at a site close to the ceremony.  (For one example of information about building a medicine wheel please see  Appendix B)


A small fire may be lit in the center of the site, if possible.  Often it is not possible and is not an essential requirement.  Be conscious of dry conditions and use discretion as a fire hazard is to be avoided at all costs. Be certain that any fire you build is completely extinguished  prior to leaving the site.


Gently, the Sage or Sweetgrass is lit in a small bowl or abalone shell and the leader offers it to the four directions (North, South, East and West) saying a short “thank you” to each.  (The description and one interpretation of the directions are also included in Appendix A).


The tobacco is then offered to the four directions and a small pinch is thrown to the wind to consecrate the ground.


Each participant is individually smudged (see Appendix C).  The leader then walks around the ceremonial site four times to purify the heart.  He/she may direct others to follow.  A circle is formed by the participants around what feels like the central point of the site where the gateway is created in the center.


The leader recites an original or Native American prayer giving each participant a chance to add something. 


The following prayer is a possibility; however, spontaneity is encouraged:




Mother Father God, Great Spirit of All that is

                                    We ask your presence in this ceremony.

                                    We invite all beings that are ready

to enter the Light of your Divine Energy.


                                    We open our hearts to those in fear.

                                    We open our Light to those in darkness.

                                    We send our love to those who refrain.


                                    We ask your assistance in this Lightwork,

                                    Acknowledging that we are an extension of your Energy.


                                    As we all merge and move closer to the Light,

                                    We offer thanks for the opportunity to heal.

                                    For as others heal, so do we all heal.


                                    And so it is. Ho.


Allow all participants an opportunity to add a prayer or contribution as they desire.  Once this is done, a minute of silence for each to go into the heart is allowed.  The leader asks each participant to focus on the center of the circle and to visualize a ray of golden light coming down from the sky to create the gateway to the Light.  Once the leader is comfortable that the gateway is open, invite all souls to gather in the circle and then open the circle wider by having all participants take one step backward.  Advise them to do this cautiously, especially if the ceremony is in the woods or some other natural setting.  Allow enough time for as many souls to rise into the Light, assuring them that those participating will go with them as far as is allowed without the participants making the transition.  Assure the souls that the Light Beings will greet them on the other side and that they will not be alone.


Give all participants a chance to simultaneously speak the name of any beings they wish to see move into the Light.


If guided to widen the circle further, the leader will then ask everyone to take another step back, again, using  caution.


When it feels as though enough time has transpired, allow one more opportunity for the beings to enter the gateway and then state that the gateway will be open for 24 hours and any soul who wishes to pass in solitude or at night is invited to do so.


The following song (or another of participants’ choosing) will then be sung.




            Oh, Great Spirit of all peoples, love us, guide us on the way,

            Oh, Great Spirit of all peoples, bless us, guide us every day.


            Oh, Great Spirit deep within us, love us, guide us on the way,

            Oh, Great Spirit deep within us, help us listen as we pray.


            Oh, Great Spirit of the forest, we hear you calling in our souls,

            Oh, Great Spirit of the forest, sunlight shines and calls us home.


Oh, Great Spirit of the oceans, help us merge with All That Is,

Oh, Great Spirit of the oceans, clean clear water gives and gives.


Oh, Great Spirit of the mountains where the land and sky are one,

Oh, Great Spirit of the mountains where we give thanks for the sun,


Oh, Great Spirit of all peoples, breed response for old and young,

Oh, Great Spirit of all peoples we all merge when life is done,

We all merge when life is done.


At this time it is appropriate to say a prayer thanking all who have assisted, be they physical or in spirit.  Reiterate that the gateway will be open for 24 hours and encourage each participant to spend 30 minutes in silence.


After the 30 minutes of silence, smudge again.  Then ask the group to gather and pass out the Light Ceremony Questionnaire (Appendix A) to collect information on each participant’s experience. Allow about 30 minutes for this process and, of course, extend or shorten the time as needed. The purpose of this is to record the results and improve upon the ceremony.  The leader then may collect all questionnaires, or if some participants want to complete this at a later time, allow that as well.  To celebrate the group’s service, it may be appropriate to share food and fellowship.


The leader, or individual participants, will then forward the completed questionnaires to:


Gregory Possman
8765 NC Hwy. 194 N.

Todd, NC 28684
Phone: 828-2653493  Fax:828-265-4093
e-mail: gregory@skybest.com


Appendix A



(You may use the back of this form for additional comments).


Name: ___________________________________                     Phone:__________________________


Alternate Phone:____________________                     Email Address:_________________________


Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________________

Address                                                                             Apt. No.               City, State           Zip


Please enter a brief description of your experience.










How many souls did you see, hear or feel go into the gateway to the Light? _________  Comments:




What souls or entities did you feel communicating with you in the process?





Please comment on your experience with the ceremony and list any suggestions you have on how it may be improved.









Please give this completed form to the ceremony leader or send it to: Gregory Possman, 8765 NC Hwy. 194 N. , Todd, NC 28684 Phone: 828-2653493  Fax: 828-265-4093

Appendix B

The following information and construction of the Medicine Wheel is copied directly from the website: http://www.spiritualnetwork.net/native/medicine_wheel.htm.  Its inclusion is not endorsing this method as exclusively correct as there are many variations.  Feel free to investigate other options.


In researching past my personal beliefs of how a Medicine Wheel is represented, I found to my amazement that the construction and what the four (or six) directions and sections represent,  varied from different tribes. Some thoughts are common, such as the principle that life is a circle and that the four directions stand for North, South, East and West with Mother Earth being down and Father Sky being above; giving six directions. Some include one more – Spirit seen as either us as a human or as the All that Spirit is; giving then seven. A circle is also used in other practices considered pagan with the same four directions, general color schemes, and even most of the same animal totems. For links to more traditional Native American Medicine Wheels and additional great information on the Medicine Wheel – scroll to the bottom of this page.

What is A Medicine Wheel? By Tree-Song

A Medicine Wheel is a physical manifestation of Spiritual energy, an outward expression of an internal dialogue, a mirror in which we can better SEE what is going on within us. It is a wheel of protection and enables us, and allows us, to gather surrounding energies into a focal point and to commune with Spirit, Self and Nature (ALL elemental forces)……..Creation!

It helps us with our “Vision,” to see exactly where we are and in which areas we need to develop in order to realize and become our potentials. That we are all connected to one another, and by showing us the intricacies of the interwoven threads of life, what our part in it all is. It helps us understand that without our part in the tapestry the “Bigger Picture” is not as it will be. We add color, dimension and life to each other, to all of life. No matter what color, race or creed we are, we need each of us to create a beautiful existence and expression of the Whole.

It is a model to be used to view self, society, or anything that one could ever think of looking into. The wheel, once learned how to dance within it, offers a picture to you and also helps to add clarity to a foggy view. Like so many other things…it is a tool to be used for the uplifting and betterment of mankind, healing and connecting to the infinite. We are all but one realization of “God” trying to realize self…so lets see what part we ourselves are.

Please remember that all that I am to share with you although taken mainly from Native teachings, are also of my own teachings provided from Spirit and my own experiences. It is with an open heart and mind that I ask you to receive these teachings. Not all will be for you. Take what is yours and disregard the rest or set it aside for another date. I will do my best to let you know from which teaching the information that you receive comes, as there are many interpretations and symbologies  applied to the Wheel, but the basic principle is the same.         Tree-Song

As we grow, we change like the seasons, passing through the sections of the circle, learning from each. The center of the circle is the touching of the Spirit, the pure of heart, the truth as everything extends from the circle and everything comes together in the middle. For this reason the circle is used for ceremony, especially those that involve contacting the spirit world. This is a safe and protected place of love, a centered and grounding area.

The following are some general beliefs but do not represent the whole collection of varied colors, animal totems, and uses of the sections of medicine wheels. Different tribes use different symbols.  I personally think we will use the colors and symbols that best represent what we believe.  Here is just a small fraction of possible animal totems, plants, growth patterns, and colors. I think there are no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ colors and animal totems.

I am Holding Rainbow Warrior Woman of Universal Love, Energy, and Knowledge; of a Rainbow Tribe.

SOUTH  – Fire – PassionGrowth in the South it is the time of Summer. From  the bloom we transform into the fruit of the labors.  It is the time of mid-day, the hottest part of the day, the part when the sun is overhead and no shadows are cast.. Maturing and growing into an adult to be that who was are. It is the time to accept the change and learn, to understand.


Red is for fire, passion, time of fertility. The South is the place of passion in all things, sex, fertility, mating – the fires that burn within. The direction of fire, like the phoenix, we can rise from the flames, we take and rise again from childhood into being an adult in the direction of the South.

The animals in the South represent pride, strength and courage.  The eagle with keen sight and strong wings. The lion for the strength and courage to speak out and roar. The wolf so proud to be a team member of a pride.

EAST   – Air – Flight
Beginnings starts in the east – from where the sun rises we begin a new dawn. Each day is a good new day with a fresh beginning, a new start.  East is the direction of the physical body and newness including children and new-borns. It is the time of change for all is a new beginning. New ideas and seeing the light. Change. Spring is the season when all things begin to grow and awaken. Yellow is the path of Life, to begin the walk as a warrior, to shine in all that you do. The sun rising in the east empowers each of us. The energy to do and to begin the action of the mind and heart is there.
Animals of wings and flight include hummingbird, the owl, and the hawk. Our words are given to the east that the smoke in the air or the voices in the air may be carried to Spirit.
WEST  ( Blue)   Water – Emotions

Later adulthood the time of Fall, the time of the setting sun – twilight. The daylight fades and brings a new awareness in this time of gradual change. When the darkness comes we must look inward to find the light and have courage. To understand what we see in the darkness may not be real but only shadows.

This is the emotional part of ourselves, like the flowing water we must learn to go with the flow of life. The time of the West is when we learn that we are responsible to all things and to each other.  It is the time to prepare, to finish things for the time of Winter is coming. We gather ourselves and family, working together to prepare for what is to come.   As the place of emotions it is the place of family and love – of responsibility from our hearts because of the love. It is hard work and team efforts. Black symbolizes change from this life.

The Beaver shows us of the team work and pre-paredness needed for the winter coming. The snake reminds us to shed our skin to grow and change.

NORTH  (Green)   Earth – Wisdom

As we get older our hair turns white, as we come to our time of winter. White (and purple) also symbolize spirituality.  With experience and age we gain wisdom. Now we have time to rest and contemplate the lessons. North is purity and wisdom, a great place of healing.  This is the time after midnight, a dream time. The time to be grounded within yourself and deep within, like a bear in a cave.

North is the place of winter. This reminds us to stop and listen. That we must have prepared for the long time of winter. Having been in action the other seasons we now rest and contemplate to understand the wisdom we have been given.

The white buffalo, Moose and Bear. Each prepared and have a layer of fat to sustain them through the winter. They are also the primary source of meat during the winter time for people. They rest and take things slow, not wasting energy, and with the understanding of what winter brings.


One of the most detailed explanations of the full Medicine Wheel, what each stone means to animal totems http://users.erols.com/brddwolf/medwheel.html  

This is a Medicine Wheel and some links to info http://www.ccm.net/~redturk/SacredCircle.html

Medicine Wheel as a life metaphor http://www.monitor.net/~circle/medicine_wh.htm


Medicine Wheel Meditation http://vortex.is/~rose/the1.htm

Creating a Medicine Wheel Outdoors http://www.sd.com.au/db/medicine.htm

The following instructions are from this link included in this website: http://www.spiritualnetwork.net/native/making_your_own_medicine_wheel.htm


The Four directions’ points will be marked using a compass to find exact North (white), South (red), East (yellow) and West (black). Your first decision in making your own medicine wheel is how big it will be and that is partially determined by whether you will have directional stones marking the four directions or a smaller circle indicating the directional points. To help you make that decision, consider these questions.

  1. Will you be building a fire within the circle?
  2. Will the fire be in a direction point circle or the middle?
  3. How many people will be the most ever in the circle?
  4. Will you place an alter within the circle? East is common to many pagans.
  5. Will you ever have people representing the four directional points?
  6. Do you have a large enough flat area outside to make the circle?
  7. Eastward is where you enter a circle from.

These four directional stones can be guardian/watchtower stones or a smaller circle of stones with the center point being again the exact direction per the compass.  You will select the stones or objects you will be using in your medicine wheel before you begin to make it. Some people will use statues for the directional points in the totem animal for that direction. This is your space and I personally believe whatever things you consider powerful make them powerful and will be used. Sorry, but I do waiver from some of the traditional Native viewpoints on the construction.

So the first step is to note where the center of the circle will be. The ground will be flat and make sure you have enough room before you start. Since the Tree is represented in the center in Black Elk’s Vision, you might have a tree be the center point of the circle.  Or if you intend to have a fire pit that would be the center. Think it all out first. If you have a fire make sure that it is far enough away from buildings and trees, and close enough to a water supply in case it were to get out of control. Unexpected winds will be expected when doing ceremonies in the Medicine Wheel.

The center is the power point of the circle and where ALL comes from. Take a pencil with a string tied to it and embed the pencil into this exact center point. Having someone help is a big plus, one to hold the center point and the other to mark the edge and the directional points. Next, bring the string out as far as the outside of your circle will be. Tie the string onto another stick or a knife so that you can mark the ground and the points. Walk around in a circle, marking the outside parameter of the medicine wheel by scouring the ground. Then stand in the center and use a compass to locate the exact four directional points. Mark the directional point on the scoured circle. Place your marker at the directional points – either a stone, a circle of stones, statues, alters, etc. With the four power points marked complete filling in the circle with three stones between each power point. Between these points are three stones each representing months or the three animal totems of each direction.

The inner eight stones make the circle around the Spirit point or the Tree that stands in the center. These eight stones used to make the inner circle represent the four directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Spirit or yourself. Or in Pagan uses the eight stones would represent the eight Sabbaths. The center circle is where a fire could be build or alter, or offerings placed. There are many ways to use the Medicine Wheel/Circle and the more often it is used the more power it will hold for your ceremonies. This is a place of high medicine and will be built with time and care as a permanent place.

Once your circle is made I think it imperative to do an opening ceremony to bless the space. Your beliefs will determine how you will use the wheel/circle and have course the nature of the opening ceremony as well.  

 Blessings from Holding Rainbow Warrior Woman – and welcome to the circle of life.


Appendix C




Our native elders have taught us that before a person can be healed or heal another, one must be cleansed of any bad feelings, negative thoughts, bad spirits or negative energy – cleansed both physically and spiritually.  This helps the healing manifest in a clear way, without being distorted or sidetracked by negative “stuff” in either the healer or the patient.  The elders say that all ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart so that we can pray, sing and walk in a sacred manner and be helped by the spirits to enter the sacred realm.


Smudging, as it is commonly called today, is a traditional purification rite meant to cleanse all negative energy from your environment. It is belief that this rite of cleansing blesses and restores harmony and positive energy. Smudging is the burning of certain herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath, which is used to purify people, ceremonial and ritual space, and ceremonial tools and objects. Many differing cultures and peoples have their own methods and herbal mixtures for this purpose.  Native American Indians use a variety of smudging mixtures in this way. The principle herbs used are Sage, cedar or juniper, lavender and sweet grass.  Pure tobacco is also used by some Plains tribes, and copal in South and Central America. The herbs are burnt on their own or in mixtures, depending on tradition and required effect.



There are many varieties of sage and most have been used in smudging.  Sage (Artemisia tridentia) is not the same as the European varieties and is indigenous to the Americas. The botanical names for “true” sage are Salvia Officinalis, commonly known as Garden Sage, and Salvia Apiana, White Sage.  Salvia comes from the Latin root salvare, which means “to heal”. 


Sage is burned and used as a cleansing and purifying agent; the effect of the smoke is to banish negative energies, drive out bad spirits, feelings or influences, and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area where the ceremony takes place. The powerful cleansing vibration it emits when burned is used to purify the subtle energies of one’s aura, as well as personal and ceremonial space or healing and ceremonial tools, such as pipes and crystals.  In Plains Nations, the floor of the sweat lodge is frequently covered with sage and participants rub the leaves on their bodies while in the sweat. Sage is also commonly spread on an altar where the pipe touches the earth.  Some Nations wrap their pipes in sage when they are placed in pipe-bundles, as sage purifies objects wrapped in it.  Sage

wreaths are also placed around the head and wrists of Sundancers.



Cleansing ceremonial or ritual space before and after the event is an essential part of spiritual hygiene. The initial smudging is for the purpose of purifying the space and participants and for banishing any unwanted energies. The final smudge is to cleanse any negative vibrations and energies attracted or created during the proceedings.  It is also a good thing to do on a regular basis for both one’s self and one’s living space, to maintain individual and domestic harmony.


When using a sage bundle, don’t allow it to burn with open flames. You just want it to smolder.  When using loose herbs, use a fire-proof container. Traditionally, an abalone shell can be used.

It is a good practice to smudge each person in a group, circle, ceremony, and lodge. If using dried sage, begin by using a shell or bowl as a smudge pot, or if using a sage bundle, make sure it is smoking without flames.  Begin with a fan or feather to waft the smoke about. Start from the East and hold the lit smudge.  The participate rubs his/her hands in the smoke and then rubs their hands over his/her body starting with the feet and working up the body, paying particular attention to any area that the participant feels may need spiritual/physical cleansing.  Keep saying a constant prayer that the unseen powers of the plant will cleanse spirit.  Make sure to touch with the smoke all parts of the body. It is also a good idea to breathe in some of the smoke.


Sometimes one person will smudge another, or a group of people, using hands, or more often, a feather to lightly brush the smoke over the other person.   We were taught to look for dark spots in a person’s spirit body.  As one California Native American woman said she “sees” a person’s spirit-body glowing around him/her, and where there are “dark or foggy parts”, she brushed the smoke into these “holes in the spirit body.  This helps to heal the spirit and to “close up” these holes.  It is said that smudging will also bring on thoughts that are good or positive.  The smell of the mixture is wonderful, and the effects are almost instantly noticeable.  Note that if smudging is done indoors, a door and/or windows need to be open to let any negativity out.


This introduces just a couple of ways smudging may be done; feel free to research others.  Smudging should be considered an integral part of the Soul Release Ceremony, or any other ceremony, both as an introduction to and conclusion of the ceremony.





  • We are now bonding together with other friends and members to help complete this mission. We need their help.  We come  as volunteers, each eager to help, love, learn and experience all that God has given to us.


  • We were given agency to act for ourselves here on earth – our own actions determine the course of our lives. We can alter or redirect our lives at any time.


  • Whatever we become here in mortality is meaningless – unless it is done for the benefit of self and others.


  • Gifts and talents are given to us to help us serve, and in serving others we grow spiritually.


  • “LOVE IS SUPREME”, without Love we are nothing. We are here to help each other to understand, forgive and serve one another – we are here to have love for every person born on earth.


  • Love thy enemy. Let go of anger, hate, envy, bitterness and refusal to forgive – these things destroy the spirit.  We will have to account for how we treat others.


  • Love is supreme; Love must govern – Love always governs the spirit. The spirit must be strengthened to rule the mind and flesh.


  • When you fear God, you move away from Him/Her. When you think He/She does not love you, you move further away. {Anonymous}






{This prayer is not to be memorized.  It is meant for each person to alter it to guarantee that only Love and Light be present.}


                        Mother Father God, Divine Creator, Great Spirit of all things,

                        I call in the highest and the best,

                        I call in the Light,

                        My Light surrounds me and protects me.

                        This Light works for the highest good of all.

                        So it is. Asharam




The Mudra  is an ancient practice of moving energy such that the Higher Self is not only activated and attuned but also brought into the physical body.  Stand erect, close your eyes, and after two deep breaths, allow your hands to move in whatever manner feels appropriate.  A natural movement will come to you.  It will remain.  You need not memorize the movement because it is a part of you.  It is a memory you have within.  It is how you connect with the creator you are.  You may also choose to do this movement while seated.  Whatever feels right is right.  Power to you, the Divine.




You may absorb the vibration or energy of another and wish to release it in the awareness that it is not yours.  Rather than condemn it, acknowledge its presence, and consciously repeat in your mind, “this is not mine, I release it to the Light”.  You may wish to do this outside, you may ask for help from your guides, you may use a tree, a crystal, the sun, or whatever feels appropriate.  Breathe deeply and feel it release from the body with each exhalation.  Know that once you release it to the Light, it will be transformed and neutralized.  It will not harm another.   Let it go with Love and it will not return.  You can avoid absorbing another’s energy by remembering to protect yourself.




Stand or sit, take two deep breaths and close your eyes.  Focus your attention on your heart center and see a bright white light within your heart.  Allow this light to expand and fill your heart cavity.  The light begins to rise up through your throat into your head and beyond.  It forms a shaft of light shooting straight up into the universe.  The light returns in a continuous stream and enters through your crown chakra, down into the heart, flowing down through your body, out of your feet or root chakra (if seated) to the core of the planet.  Feel it returning up through you body again into your heart.  There is now a continuous stream of light connecting the planet with your heart with the heavens.  Now allow this light to expand laterally outside your body creating a column of light around you, protecting you from any darkness.  The process will become faster and you can place the light around your car, your home, your friends, family, pets, etc.


******************************************************************************************We bless you and thank you for doing this work.  As you heal those in the spirit world so you heal self.  We all look forward to the day when the planet transforms and ascends.  Love and Peace to you – Asahram