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Angel and Extra Terrestrial Webinar (on Zoom)
Saturday, March 27, 2021. 9am to 12 noon New York Time/Scandinavian time will be 14 – 17

We are the one called Askara, leader of the Venusian installations on the Earth plane. We desire at this time. for not only expanding the sensitivity of humanity with the feminine energy of the human race, but also with the masculine energy human race to join in our process. We will do so by increasing the spectrum of colors available to those human beings who are considered spiritual and available to the divine blueprint and the aspect of peaceful cohabitation of all species. To that end, it will be our honor to address and initiate all of you into this wider spectrum of color and energy. That will be our purpose in the process that will take place on March 27th so be it.

We are the one called Kronos, Spiritual commander of the Siriun race. It has been sometime since we have addressed you. It will be our desire to increase our influence and our intention of assisting humanity in the uniting and the bringing together of our consciousness and your consciousness. Toward that purpose, we will address each of you whose heart is open and create within you a greater and greater receptive point to allow our stream of consciousness to interact with yours. This will take place especially at night when you are asleep. We believe that this will enhance your experience on the planet Earth. It will give you greater and greater ability to manifest your desires, fulfill your purpose and create all that you desire in this life. A life which although seems real is of course a massive illusion of your own creation.

We are the one called Jalil. we are the 12th seat of the Council of Shambala, and we bring you greetings and salutations from the Council. The divine blueprint is moving rapidly forward. This may be difficult to see on the planet Earth, as a result of many manifestations, be they physical or health wise, political or social or economic. It is to understand that as the year 2021 progresses, the changes that we have predicted are actually falling into place and it is our desire to initiate as many of you who are emissaries and have come on behalf of the Council of Shambala into your role. You will move into that role, deeper and deeper, fulfilling your purpose here on the planet Earth, preparing it as a gathering place for all races, all species, and all manner of life. It is our desire to engage with you energetically in that process to deepen your ability to fulfill your objectives and your desires in this lifetime on the planet Earth. We shall address each and every one of you who chooses to engage in our energy and who chooses to continue on their path of initiating peace on the planet Earth,

We are the one called the Archangel Michael and to each of you, we greet you. It is our desire to speak to your heart. It is our desire to speak to your soul. It is our desire to speak to every aspect of your being and to give you the opportunity to engage with we, the angelic realm through all the aspects and the opportunity to move into a greater space of self-love, self- guidance and of self- awareness. That will be our focus during our time of energetic engagement with each and every one of you. We look forward to this opportunity to increase your strength, your power, your commitment, and your confidence as we move forward in this process of returning to the energy of the creator and expanding the amount of love and light on the planet Earth. We look forward to this opportunity to engage our vibrational frequency with yours and expand your angelic presence on the planet Earth.

We are the one who is called Vywamus, and we greet each of you. It will be our desire and our honor to ingratiate your energies deeper and deeper into the earth plane, allowing you to move more rapidly and more efficiently in your life as you continue to engage the energies of Mother and Father Earth. As you engage these energies on a deeper level. It is our desire to initiate you deeper and deeper into release from the Atlantean aspects that have held you back, we introduced the Atlantean initiatives and initiations quite a while back. It is time to deepen the results, the positive results of their effects on each of you who may have engaged at the time of Atlantis in previous or simultaneous lifetimes again. That will be our purpose in this exercise of accelerating your process and your life as it moves further toward the goal of bringing together all species and all aspects of initiations, awareness, and knowledge on the planet Earth. We are the inner Guardian of the earth, the one called by Vywamus and we look forward to this process so be it.

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