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The Mastress Quan Yin will call in a healing team of Masters including but not limited to the Medical Assistance Team of the Great White Brotherhood, Mary, Meera, Sixth seat of the Council of Shambala, Archangel Raphael and  St. Germain. The healing will include the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the past present and future.

The Archangel Michael will come through invoking our soul light to empower us to more fully complete our lessons and mission/life purpose on earth. The Guardian/warrior archetype in us will be strengthened and integrated encouraging us to stand more powerfully in our truth.

Sananda, Oversoul of the Christ will come through to deepen our confidence in using our spiritual gifts. Our third eye will be enhanced as we release any self-doubt, judgment, or guilt from all of our simultaneous realities. The energy flowing through us will expand with ease and grace.