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Svendborg, Denmark.

Gregory returns to Denmark for a full day Workshop, a channeled evening  and private sessions in Svendborg on Fyn, Saturday, August 24, 2024 one day Workshop in Svendborg, Fyn, Denmark. 10:00  to 17:00. Coffee and tea from 9:30, for lunch and breaks, water, fruit and snacks provided during the day,  participants bring your own food and drink. Contact Frank Thomsen  for registration. We are limited to 50 people. The program for the day follows:

Svendborg, DK Channeled Workshop

 Gregory Ashid Possman

 August 24, 2024, 10am to 17:00pm

We are Kronos, spiritual commander of the Siriun race. It is time now for each of you on your planet to integrate the qualities of the Masters and during this part of our program. From the aspect of higher intelligence, we will transmit the qualities of each of these Masters into your being, so that each of you may embody these traits and characteristics, As you integrate these into your physical self, You will also be integrating the qualities and characteristics of your higher self, Your planet will benefit greatly and more importantly, so shall the human race. Those with whom you encounter will experience all of these characteristics, these energies of those you are about to embody. So it is.

We are the Archangel Michael. During our portion of merging energies with you, we will be increasing the amount of love that you are capable of gleaning from the angelic realm the minions of Metatron. As the heavens open to you, We will be bringing healing, loving light into your heart center, into the double dodecahedron of the diamond heart, into your spiritual heart center/ As we introduce this powerful energy into your heart center your ability to accept yourself and to accept your brothers and sisters will increase dramatically. It is time that all of the aspects of the divine blueprint become a reality on your planet. And through this process. We will guarantee that result. So it is.

We are the sixth seat of the Council of Shambala, the one called Meera, through our golden light, we shall shine on each of you. We shall once again draw you into the Twelve columns of light of the Council of Shambala and gift each of you with your legacy, your heritage, and the deeper and deeper understanding of your past involvement with the Council of Shambala. This will guarantee a deeper and greater tie with our counsel. This will guarantee a deeper and deeper connection to the future of the divine blueprint on the planet Earth. Each of you will gain the knowledge you need in order to burst forth into your future, as an emissary of the Council of Shambala.

We are the Archangel Cassandra, and it has been decided by Metatron, overseer of the angelic realm that we now have permission to share the consciousness of the angelic aspect of assistance. The angelic aspect of assistance has been unavailable to human beings. This aspiration, this ability had not been available to you and now it has been decided that we have permission to share it. The amount of compassion, unconditional love and caring, that you will be able to generate within your being will accelerate at an unbelievable rate and this initiation will allow you to move forward in your human condition, in your mission upon the planet Earth., so it shall be.

We are Quan Yin. The Mastress, Quan Yin, and we bring healing energy to be embedded within each of you.  So much healing energy that your footsteps upon the earth will generate this healing energy in the earth. No matter where you go, no matter where you journey, no matter where you stand, and no matter whom you touch, this healing light will touch everything you touch. As we gift this energy to you during the course of our time with you. Each and every one of you will be initiated into a more powerful aspect of the healer. The healer that you were always meant to be. We are grateful for the service that you will be able to render as we grant you this energy on this day.

We are the Lord Sananda, the oversoul of the Christ consciousness. It is our intention and our desire to expand the King Priest and the Queen Priest initiation within each of you in order to bring about a more rapid incurrence of the divine blueprint on the planet Earth. Each of you have come from the future in order to generate seeds of growth. The implantation of the divine blueprint upon the planet will take place more rapidly as we merge our energies with you. We will ensure that this King Priest, Queen Priest energy can and will create a massive explosion of light on the planet Earth. Increased amounts of compassion, unconditional, unlimited love, and particles of love will be projected outward from each of your beings, and you will initiate those you encounter. You will energetically penetrate each and every person you come in contact with, so that each person will become a carrier of these energies. This will thereby exponentially increase the amount of love on your planet. We are grateful for your service and look forward to this initiation of massive doses of love.

We are the one called Askara. We are the Venusian leader of the earth installations and on this day, not only will we offer an update on the progress of our process on your planet, We will also be merging our energy with each of you to increase the fluid amount of varying colors of light each of you may transmit to those with whom you come in contact on your planet. We will also be downloading biometric doses of peace from our energy into each of you who consent to receiving it. This small biometric aspect of our energy will allow deeper and greater contact between you and we, especially at night when you are sleeping, thereby allowing us to ensure greater memory of the dreams and messages we deliver to you when you are sleeping. Those of you who do not wish this particular energy to be shared in your being may of course decline. We look forward to greater and greater connection and contact with each of you. We are Askara.

We are The Energy Of The Buddha, we seldom transmit messages through this messenger but on this occasion we shall merge our energy with each of you and gift you with our love, our compassion, and our blessings. We look forward to this opportunity to impress this energy into each of you so you may more intensely deliver it into the morphic field of your present planetary home, Earth. So shall it be.


Private Sessions. Gregory is available for a limited number of private sessions held at Lene and Frank’s  residence during his visit to Svendborg. Private sessions are channeled, and include emotional release, Physical release, past life information, future vision and intuitive feedback. Sessions last forty-five minutes. the personal investment is 950DKK.  The process is recorded, and sessions are booked on the hour. Prompt arrival is  important.  Dates: August 22, 23, 25, 27th, and 28th.  Contact Frank for your appointment.