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Channeled Workshop with Gregory Ashid Possman

As a result of working with the Siriuns, Pleiadeans and the Venusians for two years, Gregory has agreed to bring through transmissions to enhance and ensure an enlightened future for Earth and its inhabitants. This is an extension of our ordained destiny. We are all capable of contributing to this optimistic benevolent outcome, regardless of what we “see” happening on our planet. It’s time to put our spiritual pedal to the metal and assert ourselves in completing our work here. This may also assist in reassuring that we will not have to reincarnate or return for another life in this dimension.

The Archangel Raphael will conduct a healing session for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. The diamond heart will be intensified in this process. Sananda, oversoul of the Christ energy will be increasing our self-love and self-appreciation in regard to our mission and lessons here on earth. Metatron, overseer of the angelic realm will work with us on deepening the connection between our bodies and our souls.

Sananda will clear deeper and deeper guilt, shame and self-judgment allowing our self-worth and self-esteem to heal. This process will open us to greater self appreciation while releasing our old stigmas which originated in this or other lifetimes. Sananda will carry this out with the help of Mary and the Mastress Quan Yin.

We will perform a ceremony directed by Inaha, Leader of the Council of Grandfathers, called the soul release designed to cross any souls into the light who have remained in the Earth plane. (if you’re uncomfortable with this process you are encouraged to withdraw. Nothing is mandatory).

Jalil, twelfth seat of the Council of Shambala, will begin a transmission regarding the Earth’s progression forward. Various other members of the Council of Shambala will come through delivering information and introducing us to initiations to enhance our spiritual abilities this may very well lead to greater confidence and new forms of spiritual procedure/practice.

We will perform a ceremony directed by the Council of Shambhala to create a shield of protection over the immediate area. Each of you will be encouraged to use the morphic field created to extend the shield to the geographical area of your choosing…

The Ancient of Days will join us for an energetic process of raising our optimism contributing to our certainty and our ability to tune into this positive surety of our contribution to the planet’s future. We who have come from the future and are most likely hybrids, will feel great comfort in this reassurance of the success of the divine blueprint. (See Gregory’s blog on the “acid test” for hybrids; www.gregorypossman.com

The Siriuns and Possibly Askara the Venusian will come through and finish our day with some words of wisdom from the outer galaxies. There may be an initiation or two included in this process.

(recorded files of each channeling will be distributed to each participant)

Lunch will be a potluck and to please bring a dish to share.