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Council of Shambhala Channeling from Jalil Via Gregory Possman. September 5, 2019.

We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambala. We are the 12th seat of the Council known as Jalil. We come to you on this day to speak of the gathering that will take place. in August of 2021. By the time the gathering begins a great deal of progress will have been made on the planet Earth and the acceleration of progress in terms of human consciousness, human vibrational frequency and human awareness will have already been obvious. We predict that at that time, a number of governments will have transformed in numerous ways. We predict also that by that time there is a very good likelihood that the extraterrestrials will be willing to show themselves in various forms that will be evident. Forms that could be seen in the physical. We cannot guarantee this, but we believe it is a real possibility. It is also to understand that by all of you having come together in this place of peace and unconditional love. You will be able to further guarantee Earth coming together as it should, as you have intended, as you have desired. You must open your hearts and decide if you wish to come to this gathering to be a part of this declaration of peace on the planet. We believe that your soul will call you to this gathering as it has been ordained as a gathering of the Federation of planets, a gathering of the Council of Shambala and a gathering of a peaceful segment of humanity. We are the 12th seat of the Council of Shambala known as Jalil. We bring you greetings and salutations from all the members of the Council of Shambhala.

Where do we meet :The Shambhala gathering will be held at the old Retreat called Gammel Brydegaard.   www.gammelbrydegaard.dk         (you can not sign up here- Please look below)


Price: Retreat incl stay and food                 Db room d.kr 5.500                      Single room d.kr 6.200

Information and sign up:                               Karin Grønvall  Email karin@satnam.dk   –   0045 22 23 69 63

Link to channeled invitation:       https://soundcloud.com/satnamclinic/gregory-invitation-gl-brydegard-2021