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Channeled workshop, Odense, Denmark

Saturday, September 1, 2018 10:00 to 17:00

Channeled by Gregory Ashid Possman

We are the Twelfth seat of the Council of Shambala known as Jalil. At this time, it is appropriate for those of you who are masters of the Earth, who inhabit this planet to make it the highest frequency possible. We will help you to accept your place of leadership and mastery, and we desire to supervise two initiations. These initiations will help you implement the programming and the process that you have ordained prior to being born into this life. we shall bring these initiations through to assist you in properly taking your place in your and the Earth’s process. These initiations will empower your mastery and mental mastery of the physical realm called Earth. We look forward to this process. We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambala.

We are Arcos. We are the Siriun who is assigned to assist humanity in deepening its connection to the Siriun collective. We shall come through and work with each of you deepening and enhancing your connection to our collective clearly. We will assist you in deepening the connection to our conscious collective so that the work you do in your dream time and sleep time can in fact enhance your experience of manifestation. We look forward to this opportunity. We, Arcos. shall work in conjunction with Kronos, Sonos and Askos in this process.

We are Sananda, oversoul of the Christ energy. We look forward to increasing and mastering the aspect of self-love and unconditional love in each of you. We shall assist you in expanding the double dodecahedron of the heart. The diamond heart in each of you, will be expanding into your energy field around your physical being. And in that expansion, we shall encompass and empower your ability to create that which you desire in your life. This will enhance and increase the feeling of soul fulfillment and completion in your life purpose. And so, it is.

The Archangel Michael; We look forward to working with your empowerment and the initiation we bring forth will enhance and increase your ability to absorb more and more of the attunement’s that have become available in the Earth plane as it continues in its evolution, shift and change. We shall bring these attunements into your mental, emotional, physical, and intuitive bodies as a part of the Christ enhancement journey and attunement on the Earth plane. We are grateful for your participation.

We are the one called by Vywamus,  inner guardian of the Earth. We are absolutely looking forward to assisting the Archangel Michael, with the Earth attunement’s. Once the attunement’s have been delivered to your physical being, your mental and emotional being will be more greatly implanted in your soul. We will shift and change the vibrational frequency of your physical carbon unit known as the body, in order to allow your empowerment to exceed your wildest dreams. This will be our contribution to your process. On this day we are grateful for such a powerful opportunity in our evolution as well.

We are called the Ancient of Days. The process we will deliver to you will be a combination of the inception of the symbol of the Sat Nam and the Vessica Pisces.  The symbol of ancient wisdom shall be combined with the symbol and the characteristic of infinity\feminine power. These two aspects will be more deeply embodied into your physical being, allowing you to flow more fully into your role of mastery on the planet Earth and in all other dimensions. We to add our gratitude to the ability to bring this energy into your amorphic field.

We are Gaia the Earth, we shall further integrate your vibrational frequency with ours, enhancing, increasing and improving your experience of life on the Earth. We do this as a form of gratitude and look forward to connecting to each and every one of you through the messenger we call Ashid. Join us as we join you.

We are the one called Askara, the Venusian We will bring you the latest news of developments upon the Earth as we have experienced them. We will also deliver an initiation of fluid feminine energy into each and every one of your physical structures. In the work we do with you we shall enhance and improve your contribution to Earth’s healing. Thanks to each of you for the volunteering and the contribution you have brought to this planet in your life. We look forward to deepening our connection with each of you and so it shall be.