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We will again begin with the Inner Guardian of Earth Vywamus strengthening our resolve as we are taken through more powerful initiations regarding our Atlantean past, freeing our minds and souls to continue to move into our power. The Archangel Cassandra will join us and work with us, opening us to a much deeper level, understanding our angelic past. She will open us in a more impactful way to angelic guidance and assist us in understanding the angelic seed within us. The Ancient of Days will come through next. Encouraging us to settle into our power as creators. Jalil, Twelfth seat of the Council of Shambala will come forth with instruction as to how we are to proceed raising the consciousness of humanity.  Askara the Venusian will address us. Kronos, Sonos, Askos and Arcos, the Siriuns, will then talk about progress eliminating the Earth viruses, diseases, conditions, and the political situation on Earth. If time allows, Master Teacher Spirit will deliver personal messages to each participant.