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Spirit Family Gathering Four Webinar;

Saturday, April 16, 2022.  9am to 12 noon New York time on Zoom

We are the one called the Arch Angel Gabriel, and it is our purpose to continue our work increasing the amount of unconditional love ingested into the hearts of those human beings who are willing to accept this love and then distribute it to the Earth’s inhabitants as well as directly into the planet. We look forward to working with all of you insuring this process and its contribution to the Divine Blueprint.

We are the one called Askara, leader of the Venusian installations on the Earth. In conjunction with the spiritual leaders who are infusing feminine energy into the planet at this time, we wish to continue the injection of that energy in order to affirm a larger possibility of peace and positive outcomes on the planet. We look to your guidance and participation in this process.

We are Metatron, overseer of the Angelic Realm. It is our desire to assist the Council of Shambhala in their efforts to super impose an energy of acceptance and tolerance into the Earth plane. This can most easily be done by stirring this energy inside each of you individually. We will work with each on an individual level to confirm this process of induction into human bodies thereby stirring the pot, in the collective and instilling this energy in all.

We are the one called Pan and it will be our pleasure to connect each of you with the Earth elementals to distribute all of these energies into the simplest constructs and cell collections on the Earth plane. This level of programming and sharing will instill these energies from your human intention into the deepest levels of nature including the oceans, the plants, the land, and the air. We are certain this creates a massive contribution to Earth’s assured future of peaceful and positive Truth.

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