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Spirit Family Gathering Six
Channeled Webinar on Zoom
Saturday, October 28th, 2023, 9am to 12 noon (New York Time)

This webinar will be a progressive continuation of the Workshop held in Denmark on August 26th, 2023. Attendees of that workshop will act as surrogates and supporters for those who did not attend the Danish workshop.  By a process of energy sharing in the morphic field or Egregore. All will be brought into alignment with one another creating an example of unity and balance for the Earth to target in it’s movement forward to achieving the Divine Blueprint of Harmony and Peace.  In other words, you need not have attended the original workshop to acquire the spiritual benefit and energy of this webinar. You will brought into the energy field and immediately access the level necessary to benefit from the information distributed.

The entities who will work with you are:

Meera, 6th Seat of the Council of Shambhala. It is our honor to continue dispensing more of the Feminine Goddess energy into those of you who volunteer to carry it into the Earth plane, creating a greater sense of peace and love than had previously been acquired in the Earth plane. Through accessing the deeper more powerful realm of the Council of Shambhala, achieved by Jalil, Twelfth Seat of the Council,  in the original workshop, you will be given the necessary initiations to introduce the Earth to a greater opportunity to  experience the peace to be instilled in the future.

We are the one who is called the Archangel Michael and we will share the secrets within you programmed prior to your arrival or birth in the human form necessary to achieve greater and greater accomplishment by continuing to merge greater angelic energy into your human prototype or body. You will be exercising Lord Sananda’s King/Priest, Queen/Priest model in this process to develop greater and greater love throughout all of your experiences in the human dimensions and in the other dimensions upon which you exist. You requested this enhancement prior to birth.

We are the one called Germaine, often known as St. Germaine. We will be strengthening and empowering the personal portals many of you opened around March of 2023 to access greater and greater information for yourselves. This opening will serve you well as a spiritual leader among humanity and will give you an opportunity to move through your personal fear of that responsibility. Join with us as we introduce you to a powerful part of self you may have been hiding from yourself for quite a large portion of your life!

We are the Master Teacher Spirit. We invite you to expand your connection to the teacher within you as you flow forth into your life in a new and more fulfilling way. Your enthusiasm for life, for joy and for engagement will expand as we more deeply connect you to the amazing teacher you have inside of you. This connection may have been subconsciously delayed however the time is now to end that delay and bring about your full potential and ability.Making a difference in your world and your life is your reason for being. Allow that reason for being to fully blossom! NOW!

We are she who is called Mastress Quan Yin, and we can see that many of you are ready for a more powerful level of participation in your forgiveness, efficiency and effectiveness in the world while encouraging those around you to awaken and align with the Divine Blueprint in their lives and yours. As we work through each of you we will encourage you to become an even more powerful instrument of the higher realms on the Earth to make greater and greater preparations for an extended period of spiritual advancement through human eyes. The level of peace and love we can instill in each of you knows no bounds and you can benefit greatly from it’s initiation into your being. We invite you to access this level and live it day to day!