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We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambala. We are the 12th seat of the Council known as Jalil. It is time for the Earth and all the humans on it, to take their place in evolution. It is time for the seeds to be planted that will bring Earth into its recognized membership in the Confederation of Planets. It is also time for those of you from the future to take your rightful place, not only in your lives, but in the annals of history and that means it is time for the initiations that we have to bring forth, to be delivered to each and every one of you. It is time for you to affect those around you with your higher frequency. It is time for those of you who are hybrids to allow the most powerful of all aspects of your being, to become obvious and evident on the Earth. We are talking about higher levels of manifestation. We are talking about greater abilities in terms of healing. We are talking about aspects of evolution of your DNA, which have been lying dormant for some time and to this end, in March of the year 2020, we will empower as many of you as possible to deepen your abilities, to open to your highest potential frequencies and to live lives that will enrich the Earth and enrich the human beings with whom you come in contact. It is time to initiate all these aspects. Now is the time for these initiations and these potential manifestations to come forth. Yet, they will only come forth to those in whose hearts the calling is heard, those who are ready. Those who long for their dreams, their missions and their purposes to be fulfilled. This is a great responsibility. It is important to understand that all fear, all doubt and all lack of confidence must be removed and to that end, we will respond.

Each member of the Council of Shambala who is ready to interact with each hybrid will bring forth the energy and the initiations necessary to allow this foreseen prophecy to begin to take place. Count on us, depend upon us and recognize us as your partners in this process. Believe us, we shall deliver. We are the 12th seat of the Council of Shambala and we, the one called Jalil, bring you greetings and salutations.


This is the one called Kronos, spiritual commander of the Siriun race. We have with us Sonos, Askos and Arcos who are ready and centered at the forefront in order to assist and to adapt each and every Siriun hybrid who is ready to settle into their space, settle into their role and allow for what one might call an activation into the vibrational frequency necessary to enable more and more humans to operate in an acceptable manner for the Council, the Confederation and the Federation of planets to bring forth greater and greater energy vibrational frequency and light. This is done, for the planet Earth to prepare itself to become the gathering place ordained by the divine blueprint. We are anxious to begin this work. We have been waiting in what one might call stagnation for long enough and with the advent of the year 2020, we are willing, capable and able to initiate this process now. It is more of an energetic process requiring your presence and your presence of mind. Your presence of energy and as we speak of this, a level of excitement never reached before in your awareness can and will begin to emerge. The technology has been prepared. The initiations are ready. We are ready. The only question remaining is whether you are ready. We look forward to your participation in this process that has, for such a long period of time, been prepared. We are the ones who are called Kronos, Askos, Arcos and Sonos, one collective, one group one aspect of infinity prepared for the greatest possible manifestation in history. We are the Siriun collective.


We are the one who is called Metatron, leader, overseer and supervisor of the angelic realm and we too are ready to deliver the energy and the activations necessary to those of you embodied in human construction. The energy necessary to elevate your vibrational frequency and your energy to a point that will allow you all of the tools necessary, the spark in your DNA necessary to allow you to complete your tasks. To become the instrument necessary on the planet Earth in order to download the energy necessary to spring Earth into its rightful place amongst all the planetary galaxies, universes and energies. You have been patient, you have waited patiently and now is the time for you to take your role as a catalyst, as an instrument, as a piece or player in the process in what some might call the game of evolution. You have waited patiently. With the advent of 2020, the time is now for these initiations, these clearings and this energy to surround you. We are grateful for your presence and we are most anxious to bring these initiations, these shifts and these changes, forth. We are the one who is called Metatron. We invite you to this gathering in March and to the process that will absolutely launch your future and the future of many others with whom you are connected.


We are Askara, leader of the Earth installations for the Venusians and we bring with us the feminine energy necessary to connect with the age of Aquarius as well as introducing the Cetacean energy (Cetaceans are aquatic mammals constituting the infraorder Cetacea) and the Piscean energy. The energy of the oceans. The energy of the races who have long watched over the Earth and the energy of the Lords of light who will allow energy to bind with your own body, your own morphic field, your own psyche and your own consciousness. We bring the keys and the codes necessary to this process. It will be more energetic, than it will be vocal, more energetic, than verbal. Nonetheless, we have been working with the Siriuns and the Pleiadeans on the instrument you call Ashid or Gregory. Many initiations have been done upon him in his sleep. It is time for all of you, including he, to take on your rightful role of strength, power and initiation on the planet Earth. We do not care about your age. We do not care about your physical condition and certainly we encourage you to let go of your fear, your doubt, and your uncertainty. The Archangel Michael has prepared all of you with greater strength, confidence and security. You have been endowed with a massive amount of what one might call certainty. You are ready for these initiations, these waves of energy and the strength necessary for you to proceed and to move forward. The time has come for all of we, on our side to encourage, to initiate and to bring into readiness those of you on your side. We enthusiastically and purposefully accept this challenge. The timing is now. We are the one called Askara leader of the Venusian Earth installations throughout the planet. So be it.


We are Meera Sixth seat of the Council of Shambala. We are grateful to have been assigned the task of altering the physical bodies of those of you who have been assigned the task of affecting the Earth plane. This includes the species of Homo sapiens and all other energies on the Earth. In preparation for the massive overhaul of light which is to take place in the very near future, we are grateful for your presence on the planet. You are preparing the planet Earth for the inclusion of the extraterrestrial races which will bring the technology forth in order to bring all of humanity into unity, into freedom and into the place of peace, that will be recognized by each human being, a peace that will allow the integration of unity and oneness amongst all. We are grateful for this opportunity to initiate all the light beings to connect and integrate their soul energies. The greatest light available with the energy of the one Creator and the energy of the Earth in such a manner as to allow progress at a rate of acceleration and speed,

never accomplished on the Earth. We are the Sixth seat of the Council of Twelve, Sixth seat of the Council of Shambala and it is with gratitude that we proceed in our task and our process.


We are the one who is called the Ancient of Days. It is our task to end this transmission. We encourage each one of you who feels called, who feels involved, to participate in the physical process that will be brought forth. The presence of your physical body will be important in this inception of energy that will take place for each one of you. Your presence on the planet Earth is of more importance than you can imagine. The keys and codes necessary for a massive implementation of energy and light on the planet Earth will be delivered. We encourage you to move past your fear and we encourage you to accept this invitation into your future, into the future of humanity, into the future of the universe, the galaxies and the cosmos. We invite you. We are the one who is called the Ancient of Days.