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Trance Mediumship: An Introduction with Master Teacher Spirit

Channeled by Psychic Trance Channel: Gregory Ashid Possman

October 20, 2018 9:45 AM (New York Time)

via Zoom


This Basic Introduction to trance mediumship will include:

  • Master Teacher Spirit’s qualifications for helping us to open as beginners.
  • Our spirit guides perspective of trance mediumship and its benefits
  • trance mediumship and no other kinds of mediumship? What’s the difference?
  • What can trance mediumship be useful for? How can it change my life?
  • How and when and do the entities on the other side connect with us?
  • The easiest way for us to create and strengthen this connection?
  • What do they suggest regarding practice and how much dedication is required?
  • tools and advice on how we can open up and work with trance communication?


Having begun channeling in 1991, master teacher spirit worked with Gregory to help him open to the process. Today, Gregory channels over forty different entities. This transmission will be packed with helpful suggestions and techniques to accelerate your progress.


Message from Master teacher spirit, October 1, 2018: “we are anxious to assist you in becoming the vessel or instrument for our teachings, healings and assistance. From our perspective, this process is not as complicated as your mind wants to believe. We will do our best to communicate this  process in simple terms, easily understood and useful. Connecting with our vibration alone, will help you to begin the process. You are the source. Open your heart, get your mind out of the way, and allow us to assist you in raising the vibrational frequency of your own being, so that, we on our side, can enter and help you become a messenger for our wisdom”.


Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Time: 10 AM to 11 AM (New York time)

Personal Investment: $33. 00 USD

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This presentation will be recorded. Should your transmission be interrupted, a link will be provided for the audio and video transmission. Viewing it in person will assist in capturing the energy of the moment.

A sequential follow-up session will be offered in November for review and continuation of the development of your skills. We hope you will join us for both presentations.

Details for the next presentation will be forthcoming.