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Webinar: Spirit Family Gathering 1 

Saturday, October 23, 2021. 9am – 12 noon (New York Time)

Channeled by Gregory Possman

Featuring Jalil, Quan Yin, Vywamus, and ArchAngel Michael

We bring you greetings and salutations from the 12th seat of the Council of Shambala. We are the one known as Jalil. It is time for you on the earth plane to claim your right fully and totally as a creator on the planet Earth. It is also time for we the Council of Shambala to move forward, and progress in our work, creating all that can be for the planet Earth. We invite you to join us for the spirit family reunion and in every sense. It will be just as much a Shambala gathering as if all of you were physically together as you move forward in this process. We will bring forth the energy necessary to assist you in connecting to your soul,  to your destiny, and to your work in raising the frequency of the family of man and woman called Human beings or Homo sapiens. Join us if your heart singles you out and indicates it is appropriate for you to be with us.

We are she who is called the Mastress, Quan Yin, goddess of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. It will be our opportunity to invoke the energy of courage into your being in this process on this day. We shall initiate the maximum amount of courage your physical body can carry in order for you to continue to manifest your path of healing and teaching and counseling on the planet Earth. We would ask each of you to again appeal to your soul and connect as deeply as possible in this process of initiation. As you connect not only with self, but with one another, your group your team, your family in spirit, we will activate the seed of courage within you to help you in moving to the next level of your development.

We are Vywamus, inner Guardian of the earth. We are grateful for this opportunity to address you as a group, as a team. It is time for you to take your place on the planet Earth, a place of power, a place of strength, a place of great joy. It is time for you to connect more deeply to the inner temples of the earth. It is time to reconnect with the temple Ley lines on the earth. It is time for you to draw power from those Ley lines to give yourself the opportunity to heal and to manifest. It is time for you to create all that you desire and all that your future self desires. That will be our purpose on this day, to realign you with these temple Ley lines and to create a connection with your soul, with your spirit family, and with the human aspect of your earthly incarnation.

We are the Archangel Michael; we greet each of you. It will be our purpose to reconnect you to your angelic roots, to realign you with your angelic heritage legacy and ancestry. It will be our purpose to open your hearts to this angelic energy which each and every one of you are absolutely a part of. Join us and allow us to merge our angelic energies with your human earthly angelic energy. Re-spark that desire to reclaim your angelic energy on the earth.

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