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Spirit Family Gathering 3 Webinar

Saturday, February 26, 2022 9am – 12 noon (New York Time)

Channeled by Gregory Possman

Featuring, Askara, Quan Yin, Jalil, Arch Angel Cassandra and Kilgon.

We are the one called Askara, leader of the Venusian earth installations on your planet. We will work with you in continuing to embellish your hybrid nature so you may connect to your higher intelligence, your higher self, and your soul. We will also take you through a process of deeper and deeper connection to our collective, in order to further the designs and the effects of the divine blueprint on your planet. We will allow greater and greater access to the subconscious in order to create this.

We are she who is called Quan Yin, sometimes known as divine mother. We look forward to this opportunity to allow you access to forgiveness. Forgiveness of all simultaneous lifetimes and the capability of deeper and deeper self-love. This will allow a greater entry into the morphic field of a desire for human growth and expansion, not only on an individual level, but also in the collective. this will assist you in greater and greater access to deeper parts of self which can and will ignite energy in others .

We are the 12th seat of the Council of Shambala known as Jalil. It is time now for a greater and greater impact of your own energy in the varying dimensions across the galaxies and the cosmos. It is time that your unconscious allow itself to penetrate more deeply into these varying areas, realities, and dimensions. We will guide you in an initiation to deepen your impact your affect and your objectives upon all of the realms to which you travel by expanding your awareness and your memory of these journeys upon awakening in the illusion called human life. In other words, when you awaken in the morning, you will have greater recall of what has occurred and where you have traveled.

We are the Archangel Cassandra; it is our intention to allow for greater and greater access to the deepest angelic self and energy within you. It is our desire to utilize all that we have learned to increase your capacity to manifest, to create, and to influence the world around you. We must keep this process a secret until we can bring forth the energy of Kilgon, in order to release self-imposed restrictions on your own power, strength, and influence in the Morphic field around you. We look forward to this release and this liberating process.


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