Askara, A Venusian

Askara, A Venusian


Speaks of the reasons they are visiting Earth

What we do for humanity, technical capabilities and the future


Speaks of the reasons they are visiting Earth

Channeled on June 3, 2018, Askara explains

  • Descriptions of their “Installations”, their way of life, and their anatomy,
  • Their purposes and means of assisting humanity.
  • Descriptions of their technological abilities, their physics, and their mobility,
  • Explanation of their stealth from the military\scientific establishment.
  • Their participation in the “Confederation of Planets”.
  • The possibility of Human visitation to Venusian Installations.
  • An accounting of a reptilian conflict on Earth.
  • An accounting of what the Venusians learn from humanity.
  • Future predictions for the human race.


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