Diamond Heart Light: Increasing Health and Happiness


The Diamond heart light (Merkabah) is expanded by Sananda and Quan Yin for the manifestation of health, happiness and other desires.

Lord Sananda and Quan Yin work together helping us to manifest, invoking unlimited, unconditional Self-Love into the diamond heart.

Happiness and joy are grounded into our Diamond Heart


Lord Sananda and Mastress Quan Yin (44min)

Channeled during February’s Full Snow Supermoon, the largest full moon of 2019, Lord Sananda and Quan Yin work together helping us to manifest by:

  • Invoking unlimited, unconditional Self-Love into the diamond heart.
  • Merging magma light from inside the earth with nebula light (burning gas) starlight in the diamond heart center. These lights create a sphere around the heart. These energies are then expanded and merged with the soul for the purpose of creation.
  • Releasing Viral, Fungal and Bacterial inflammation.
  • Releasing Toxins from the body and replacing them with Harmonic cells of creation.
  • Consciously welcoming any lessons to be learned from imbalance or disease.
  • Encouraging us to change our own lives, healing ourselves, loved ones, friends and those who have passed on to create peace and balance of 432hz. maximizing all opportunities with this light.
  • Surrounding us with Peace, Unconditional Love and balance.

Quan Yin, Goddess of compassion, mercy and forgiveness, directs the following:

  • We are invited into a state of peace to begin the work.
  • Various colors of energy are bounced off the Diamond Heart into all parts of the body creating a symphony of Light Healing.
  • Creator Light is added to our Health and Happiness.
  • Happiness and joy are grounded into the Diamond Heart regardless of our life experience. Happiness is shared with all generating abundance.
  • Sharing this happiness and listening more frequently to the exercise, the harmony of Health is increased.


  1. Gregory

    “I immediately stood up and began a Chi Gong process integrating light into my light body. I used the three dimensional model of the Star of David to bring light into my light body. My body started pulsing, I became very hot and started sweating. This process is transformative: George Poirier. Member of the Chiron Brotherhood”
    “I was so relaxed I don’t know what happened” Colin Tipping, Author of Radical Forgiveness and Chiron Brotherhood Member.
    “I immedately left my body having seen a triangle” When Quan Yin came in I came back in my body, totally relaxed” Jack Winner DC. Owner and Founder of the Winner Wellness Center, Gainesville, Ga.
    “Lucid Dreams came coordinated with the directions. Felt as though I were going deep into water breathing out all of my worries. It is quite long. You may want to listen to it in two parts. Farra Allen, Life School of Coaching Founder and Chiron Brotherhood Member.

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