How to Manifest with Light 1

How to Manifest with Light 1


Including the Sirians and Pleiadians


Including the Sirians and Pleiadians
• All work is done at night in your sleep.  No experience necessary.
• We are assured that only benevolent intention prevails.
• The pineal gland initiation begins the process.
• Askos and Kronos bring forth the process.
• Included are: 90 minutes of channeled material in three MP3 files.
In 2015 I presented one day workshops in Denmark and the topic was Manifesting with Light.  The Sirians, whom I was channeling, at the time, told me that the process was progressive and  it would take less and less time each time I channeled the process.  Although I had no idea what was to come and was uncomfortable, since I didn’t understand it, they told me to proceed.  That was in September 2015.  Each weekend of doing the seminar for one day in Denmark in 3 locations continued to progress.  Just after returning home from Denmark my wife Sandie was basically gifted with USD187, 000 worth of harvoni, a drug that she took for the next 6 months and has effectively cured her of hepatitis C her three month blood test confirms no viral count. Our wedding business has increased considerably and numerous other examples of synchronicity have taken place in our lives.  I am fully convinced our allies, the Pleiadians  and the Sirians are assisting and I am now using their help to heal my clients as we work together at night. Gregory.


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