Mount Shasta Spirit Family Journey and Clearing. Saturday, May 27, 2023. 10am to 12 noon New York time on Zoom


Mount Shasta Spirit Family Journey and Clearing.

A total of four channeled files, Channeled May 27, 2023

Jalil, 12th Seat of the Council of Shambhala, Kronos, Askara and the collective of the Council of Shambhala.



Mount Shasta Spirit Family Journey and Clearing.

Saturday, May 27, 2023. 10am to 12 noon New York time on Zoom


We are the one called Jalil, twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala. we desire to create a clearing and  initiation for those of you drawn to the spiritual temple called Mount Shasta.  Many of you have traveled in and out of the portals in and around the mountain in other lifetimes and in other bodies. Specifically you have inhabited extra terrestrial bodies and lives during which you traveled to the city and temples of Telos, located under Mount Shasta and now hovering above it.  This process we will transmit through the messenger and envoy, called Ashid or Gregory. This will be an opportunity to reside/experience a number of dimensions at once as we diminish the veils and allow you to feel a number of your lives at once. We will also connect with all of you simultaneously so you may aid in the much needed clearing of the area due to a number of events that have taken place in the last twenty years of your Earth’s existence. A number of low vibrational beings have tampered with the energy around the mountain and it is time to reverse that energy and clear it.

Kronos, spiritual leader of the Siriuns will come forth through the man and lead the initial clearing after introducing each of you to the energy of the temples in and around the mountain. Askara, leader of the Venusian installations on the Earth will also offer a powerful feminine healing to the area, while protecting each of you from any low frequency attachments you may take on as a result of your volunteering to join this process. The collective energies of the Council of Shambhala will also lead a collective healing of the entire group in order to integrate the new frequency of Shasta into your physical, mental and spiritual morphic fields or Egregor. Since there is no time and no space, you will experience all of this in vacuum you are not used to.

The man Ashid or Gregory has been instructed to record the process as many of you will be so far outside your bodies and connected with your soul, you may not hear much of what is said. Do not be concerned for your physical safety. We will care for and protect you throughout the process.




  1. Gregory

    Dear Gregory,
    Thank you so, so, very much for this huge gift and amazing journey through the webinar today. I could feel every single energy coming in, and so much light! And when to collective Being of the Council of Shambhala game through, I got so held and emerged in the energy, and felt instantly coming home! It was ringing inside; Finally!
    What a wonderful co-creation and gathering. I’m left with so much hope. Thank you again. You are amazing. With love and gratitude from Heidal, Synnøve

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