Mystery School Level One

Mystery School Level One


The energy and exercises go directly to the core of your being, delivering the quantum leap on your spiritual journey.


  • Lesson 1

Connect with the divine within, your Council and Ancestors, power animals, spiritual teachers and guides, as well as your masculine and feminine energies. Take back your power by releasing all the grievances you hold, assume responsibility for all the things you have created in your life and for your own spiritual growth. The focus is on accessing your own creative force.

  • Lesson 2

With the assistance of your spiritual guides and teachers, you’ll be releasing residual feelings of pain and separation. Reconfirm feelings of self-forgiveness, acceptance, inner peace and the joy of oneness with the Creator. From this point of power you will find more joy and more easily create your hearts desires.

  • Lesson 3

By expanding the unconditional love and peace of your heart into every cell of your being, you’ll focus upon experiencing the massive expansion of the Creator. You will be truly enabling your ability to release negative energies and begin manifesting your heart’s desires.

  • Lesson 4

If you’ve ever wished you could find the gateway to higher dimensions you will find this an extraordinary opportunity. Be prepared to receive the gifts your heart desires from Mother and Father God. Tremendous possibilities await you in the 5th dimension that will elevate you to a sense of certainty, decisiveness, thankfulness, peace and beyond.

  • Lesson 5

You are taken back to the pre-birth planning stages of this lifetime to gain a new perspective into why particular challenges have occurred. This knowledge will make it easier to accept and learn from your chosen lessons by providing you with the wisdom to allow them to unfold with ease, grace and gratitude.

  • Lesson 6

Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant God, will lead you through a clearing of three different kinds of blockages that have made your spiritual journey feel challenging. As you move through the blockages you have created, you will more easily access your power, inner peace and the freedom of possibility of all things. You then move forward with strength, confidence, faith and knowingness.

  • Lesson 7

Kronos, A Siriun Spiritual Commander takes us through a four phase process which enhances the speed of our spiritual and evolutionary growth. Imagine greater understanding, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration, all becoming a part of who we are.

  • Lesson 8

Through this process deep seated fears or terror of unknown origin that result in emotional, mental or physical discomfort can be alleviated.

  • Lesson 9

Through a series of initiations, a shift in our DNA will create greater communication and a sense of connectivity with the Siriuns. We become able to access deeper parts of self. Merging our mental and emotional aspects will result in less drama and more subtle responses to life events. Our healing will take place more gently.


  1. Sharon


    I never got to tell you how much I have enjoyed the 3 levels of the mystery school recordings that I won at your workshop at Alien Con. It was early November when I started listening to Level I and it was the middle of December when my life changed drastically and everything fell into place. Level II and III were also life changing and I feel so blessed to have won them since there are no coincidences.

    Also, when I read almost all of your channelings on your website, I found your Acid Test information. It made me laugh out loud and could hardly believe what I was reading. You could have been talking about me and my life! So, I guess I passed the test. My heart is full of gratitude and can’t thank you enough for all you do.
    Love, Light, and Blessings beyond measure,

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