Spirit Family Gathering Number Eight

 Renewal of the Light Body

Live Recorded Channeled Webinar On Zoom

Saturday, June 15, 2024

9am New York Time to 12 noon


Matreiya:  There is an intense level of pain on your planet due to division. We  feel this requires a boost of energy into your new light body. We wish to accelerate your integration of that new light body and help you acclimate to the density of division that humans are encountering. We humbly request you join us.

Jalil, Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala:  As we come closer and closer to the advent of the divine blueprint’s manifestation, we can feel a combined level of lower frequency energy amongst many of the emissaries from the varying councils of light who are embodied in human existence. Collectively, we the Council of Shambala desire to reverse this trend of low frequency transmissions we are receiving from many of those who are human. We will gather our energies together and synchronously transmit energy to each of you through the messenger Ashid or Gregory as you call him. This transmission will reverse the lowering of frequency in each of you. We are grateful for all that you do, all that you are, and all that you are becoming.

Ancient of Days:  While we are pleased with all you are creating; we wish to support each of you with light that only we can infuse. We ask that you receive this light openly. We will send this light into each of you and transform it for your use in your light body and your human body.

Kilgon:  Your planet’s density wears on your light and your emotions.  We also desire to assist you with an infusion of light to reset your energy field. This will propel you from a kind of lethargy and lower level of energy into a greater vibration of optimism and a higher form of energy,  replete with love and self-love. We are honored you would give us this opportunity.

Sananda:  We desire to give each of you the chance to bathe in self forgiveness and originate a deeper experience of honoring yourself. The division taking place on your planet is affecting you individually. It is wearing you thin and it is throwing some of you off balance. We can heal this condition quickly and easily by accelerating your acceptance of the new light body you’re being gifted. . Thank you for offering us an opportunity to be in service.