I must tell you a story from the real world where you have made a difference.

You know I had the session with you last time to solve my life long trauma with my school friend. I met him at our gathering and I had the conversation with him that I have wanted for many years. We talked about everything and because of the session and what was given to me there I just wanted to clear things for me. And so I did. It was a deep experience and I felt free when I left Copenhagen that day. Remember how I wondered when you said that his wife did not hate me?

The answer is that he had married another woman 3 years ago and I’m absolutely sure that she doesn’t know about me. Mystery solved!

Two days later I left to see rose gardens in England, start the drum roll and  be seated:  There was “my school friend multiplied  by Five million times”. He looks a bit like him and he nearly has the same name. It was attraction from the beginning. From day two we were sitting next to each other in the bus. We had some very interesting conversations, because he comes from a job as a minister in the Danish church and I come with all my spiritual ideas.  The funny thing is that we speak about the same.  One thing was not so good. He is married BUT after 6 days talking every possible moment we knew we had to do something about it.  He is now getting a divorce; his wife saw immediately that this was not something she could talk him out of. She admitted that they had not had a good relationship over the last years. They are very civilized and things will work out. He is coming to live with me in late October. I’m so grateful. This is the love I have always known existed, but never before have met.  Homework is done and I want to say THANK YOU for what you have helped me with. I’m not sure I could have done it without that help.  Much love to you and big hugs!


One year later it looks like this:

He moved into my place in the beginning of November and even if it was the love of my life, it has been a tough experience. My being alone for 30 years and he coming from a “not so good” family life places all the issues we have up front. Again, recently, I had a session with you and it cleared the mud for me. It opened to a better conversation between he and I. We are only a few days into it and we have not had too much time to practice this new way, but I hope we get through it and place the deep love in front again. Norma.