Original Testimonial from Anonymous.
Whew…….. I am so renewed, and in a much better place since I had my session with you yesterday. The God Source that came in was most Heartwarming, and came in with the highest integrity. I like this new energy we are in now…..
The healing I received was most profound, and very tangible. The explanation I received regarding the energy work I am participating in these past 25 years, came through with clarity, so that now I have a better understanding of my experience with the guides, and to receive affirmation that I wasn’t making it up or dealing with lower vibrational entities.
My son and daughter received some valuable pieces of information that when applied will be very tangible for their health and well-being too.
It’s been way too long between sessions with you.
Your work Gregory and desire to help the planet, will go down as a legacy one day soon! Your humility and compassion is felt deep into our souls. Many Blessings to you Gregory and a Heartfelt appreciation for all that you are!
Forever Grateful!!!