Private Intensive


“My daughter and I worked with Gregory for three days…issues became clearer and healing has begun…barriers were broken from within and without…the work is facilitated from the heart. God bless you, Gregory.”

Eve Kerwin ‘White Buffalo Woman’ Shamanic Healer and Trance Channel.

About: Private Intensive


“Attending Gregory’s three-day intensive empowered me to make the quantum leap I had been looking for. With Gregory’s abilities of channeling and counseling, spirit brought forth the wisdom and guidance, allowing me to heal on all levels. Since visiting North Carolina my life has changed dramatically and as the weeks and months go by it...

About: Private Intensive


“An Intensive with Gregory is the metaphysical equivalent of having an organ transplant. You dread it going in, know it’s necessary, and then rediscover life in a new way once it’s done. Greg is not only skilled in the connection between psychological and physiological, he brings in that third ingredient of soul connection, which ties...

About: Private Intensive


“Thanks you for the loving hospitality and restful intensive days of my life. I appreciate the generosity and good will which I received from both of you. I loved the work, the conversations the kayaking, hiking, anger release, crying, hot tub, laughing and watching “The Holiday” and television together. It was great! You are great....

About: Private Intensive
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