Hi Gregory: My son and myself would like to express a Heartfelt appreciation your way! Much gratitude to Sandie for supporting your work throughout the years. We as a family have received so many precious gifts from you and the masters. Our lives have been enhanced to a degree beyond our belief. My son adores AA Michael and sees him as a mentor in spiritual and personal matters. The other day when My son talked to Michael on his own it brought tears to my eyes. It really is a miracle. My son was talking to his Guardian Angel. He called it a very humbling experience. Michael gave My son wisdom that was so very tangible and present with the crossroads he is now on. After the channeling, My son came upstairs and we were both on a giddy high and feeling a little wonky from all the energy healing we received! A most precious experience! Gregory, you have assisted us to change our course of life for lifetimes well into the future. The gratitude goes so very deep and I take this moment to honor you for working so dilgently in staying in your mastery so that you can continue to be one of the Best Channels on the planet! To you and Sandie, we the Human Collective and the Planet express our sincere Thank You for all the gifts and healing received!!! Have an absouletly wonderful day! Warmest Regards