“An Intensive with Gregory is the metaphysical equivalent of having an organ transplant. You dread it going in, know it’s necessary, and then rediscover life in a new way once it’s done. Greg is not only skilled in the connection between psychological and physiological, he brings in that third ingredient of soul connection, which ties the other two together. Within days after finishing my Intensive, I felt integrated in a way that I’ve never felt. It was as if my antenna that had been stuck on the same old program for years had all of the sudden tuned into new frequencies. These new frequencies have brought healing to the past and new tools for building my life using healthier paradigms. My time with Gregory made a huge difference in what I’ve brought into my life in terms of careers, relationships and stability. I now know how to tune in myself and listen to the small inner voice and, most importantly, follow it. As with any inner-work program, follow-up is essential. Many of the exercises Gregory taught me I now use on a regular basis. I plan to do this once a year, from now on.”

Tamara Hynson, Seattle, WA