Chi Gong Master Vibeke Kunkel from Fyn, Denmark writes:


“I am so pleased and grateful that I have been presented to Ashid, Gregory Possman.


I have learned so much about myself, where I come from, Who I am and my purpose in this life. And I´m still learning more and more. I love to join his workshops, where I sense a great healing energy and to be with other individuals, that truly understand me with their hearts, makes me feel really good inside.


His workshops are always held in a nice, calm, loving atmosphere with humor and laughs too.

We communicate with the masters and we get so much valuable information about the planet Earth, Atlantis, and the universe. About how we are all connected.  And together we are doing lightwork to help the Earth to rise up in a higher frequency. It has changed my life and the way I see things forever. It has certainly initiated me to much higher spiritual levels. I have learned how to activate my own energy grid and to connect myself to the Inner Earth and the universe.  That is quite big. And it has given my healing work a lot more power.


I have also had several private sessions with Ashid, and they have helped me to continue my personal spiritual development. The sessions have helped me to overcome matters regarding personal relationships and business relationships as well. I truly recommend you join one of his workshops, enjoy one of his private sessions and listen to his channelings.”

Vibeke Kunkel