Angel and Extra Terrestrial Webinar (on Zoom) Saturday, March 27, 2021. 9am to 12 noon New York Time/Scandinavian time will be 14 – 17

Askara, the Venusian, Kronos the Siriun, Jalil, Council of Shambhala, Michael the ArchAngel and Vywamus, Inner Guardian of the Earth. Will be leading us through Initiations, attunements and reports on our progress with the divine blueprint. If you cannot attend, register and the recorded audio files will be sent to you.


Council of Shambhala Gathering, Gammel Brydegaard, Helnæs, Fyn, August, 2021

Gammel Brydegaard Helnæsvej 4, Haarby, Fyn, Denmark

We come to you on this day to speak of the gathering that will take place. in August of 2021. By the time the gathering begins a great deal of progress will have been made on the planet Earth and the acceleration of progress in terms of human consciousness, human vibrational frequency and human awareness will have already been obvious.

Webinar: Spirit Family Gathering 1 Saturday, October 23, 2021 9am – 12 noon (New York Time)

Jalil: "a Shambala gathering as if all of you were physically together, connecting to your soul,  to your destiny, and to your work in raising the frequency of the family of man and woman". Quan Yin: "We would ask each of you to again appeal to your soul and connect as deeply as possible in this process of initiation." Vywamus: "our purpose on this day, to realign you with these temple Ley lines and to create a connection with your soul, with your spirit family, and with the human aspect of your earthly incarnation." ArchAngel Michael: "It will be our purpose to reconnect you to your angelic roots, to realign you with your angelic heritage legacy and ancestry."